Today's Farm - 100% Natural Freeze Dried Snacks - Review & Give-Away

I recently discovered some of the yummiest freeze-dried fruits! They are from Today's Farm and come in four flavors - Apple-Cinnamon, Pineapple, Peach and Strawberry. My sons and I favor the Strawberry and Apple-Cinnamon, of course! And I am so happy that they are eating a healthy snack, rather than cookies! The freeze-dried strawberries are satisfyingly crisp and tangy.

How healthy are these freeze-dried snacks? Well, they are preservative-free and Gluten Free, which is definitely something many parents look for in a snack. And there is simply nothing else added, except for 100% fruit. The freeze-dried strawberries are equal to two (2) half-cup servings of fresh strawberries, and so are the apples. The Peaches are equal to 1.75 half-cup servings. And the pineapple is equal to 1.5 half cup servings.

You can purchase Today's Farm freeze-dried snacks from their website, singly or in bulk. I would totally suggest getting a case of Freeze-Dried Strawberry! You can just throw a bag in your diaper bag or mix it with cereal. It would be a great snack when you are hitting the road for summer travels, too!

And you will want to check out the Bag O' Gold when you are on Today's Farm, because it would make a great gift when visiting relatives! It has all four flavors in a cute burlap bag! It is totally eye-catching and fun!

One buzz reader will have an opportunity to win a Bag O' Gold from Today's Farm. To enter, visit Today's Farm and tell me what flavor you would want to try first.

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