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I love Joann's. Heck, I was just there yesterday buying fabric to reupholster some chairs. But what's really amazing is all the stuff for kids they have there! There are a lot of activity kits with yarn, clay, markers, beads, paints and more! Or - if you want something even simpler - there are Smooshies!

Smooshies are these pillow/monster bodies that have removable eyes, arms, mouths, hair, etc. They all go on with Velcro, so it is easy for little ones to reface these creatures on their own. And they are found exclusively at!

Both my boys, ages 3 and 1.5, both love it. But it really appeals to my littlest one! He is constantly playing with it. It is soft and has no small parts, so it seems pretty safe. It is colorful and crazy and helps build his imagination. Plus, it allows him to manipulate objects, which he loves.

The fabric is soft and the bodies are cuddly. There are a lot of different textures for little ones to experience, between the Smooshie's belly, back and different features - like wings or antennas.

The only problem I had was that the Velcro came off one piece. I superglued it back on, though, and the kids keep playing!

You can purchase a beginner kit from Joann's for $9.99! Additional parts, which you will want from the get-go, start from $1.99. Currently, I only see the parts online, though. My son's Smooshie came with a red body, eyes, mouth and hair, arms and legs. We received an extra pair of eyes and mouth to play and change things around. The possibilities are endless!

Buzzworthy: Smooshie was awarded the 2009 Creative Child Preferred Choice award and Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Product for 2009.

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