Sit n Stand Elite Stroller from One Step Ahead

I just have to glow about One Step Ahead. They truly have EVERYTHING you can think of gear-wise for children! Most recently, I have had strollers on the brain. My oldest is definitely becoming more independent and I am finding traditional side-by-side strollers to take up a lot of room when roaming public places. So I started wondering about the Sit 'n Stands. Do they take up less room than a tandem or side-by-side? Are they easy to use? Will my children like it?

The answers? Yes, YES, YES!

I have had the opportunity to try a lot of double strollers I love. But bulk is always the biggest issue. But the Sit 'n Stand takes up as much room when folded as a traditional single stroller. In other words, it fits in the back of my small compact car easily. Bulky strollers were definitely a deal breaker when I was shopping for a double stroller that would fit in my Scion! But the Sit 'n Stand fits! And it leaves a lot of room for groceries and gear when I put it in my Dodge Caliber, too!


The Sit 'n Stand steers so easily! Since it is thinner than a side-by-side and not as long as a tandem you can turn on a dime. I can scoot backwards, forwards, left and right with ease! It's perfect for taking the kids to the mall and going around racks and down aisles.

Folding is a snap. You just press the release and squeeze on the handle. My husband is honestly better at folding strollers than me. But I still find it as easy to fold as tandems and side-by-sides.

To get a real good fit in my car, I do take off the canopy. But it simply snaps in and out. Just like the tray!

And there are two cupholders on the handlebar. So I can have my cup and my son's sippy up there.

Even the boys love it! My oldest is 3 and loves sitting on the back. Since he likes walking sometimes, he can get off and on the seat without a problem. He knows how to do the buckle when he wants. And when I need to speed up to catch up with friends, I just plop him on the seat and a-zooming we go at mommy's pace!

My little one didn't seem to miss not sitting next to his brother. And it seemed to lessen the fights too, as my youngest likes to poke at my older son lately.

One Step Ahead EXCLUSIVE:
This Sit 'n Stand is a One Step Ahead EXCLUSIVE. You won't find it anywhere else. The front seat can hold an infant carrier (not included), while the back is a standing board/jump seat combo.) What makes it different froom other Sit ' Stands? Well, theirs is the only model with solid rubber tires for a smoother ride, an extended canopy, and breathable mesh fabric. Each seat supports up to 45 lbs. And it only $159! What a great price for such an awesome stroller!

You can view a product demo of their exclusive stroller at One Step Ahead: Elite Sit 'n Stand Product Demo.

Erin in Action:

If you are a mom of two, I totally recommend the Sit 'n Stand Elite from One Step Ahead. It is just an awesome stroller that is great for a mom of two little ones - whether they be two toddlers or a toddler and a baby!

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