Give your children an Unforgettable Experience this summer! SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps let your children get close to exotic animals, encouraging a lifelong passion for wildlife and the environment.

Adventure Camps offer something no other camp experience can offer – the chance to work alongside the best animal care experts in the world for hands-on experience with animal trainers, veterinarians and animal care staff.

But Adventure Camps are more than learning about and interacting with animals – they are all about making friends, having fun, exploring the great outdoors and creating lifelong memories. A study by the American Camp Association (ACA) revealed that more than 90 percent of campers felt their summer camp experience made them feel good about themselves and helped them make new friends. Seventy percent of parents said that summer camp improved their child’s self-confidence.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps are offered at SeaWorld parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The programs offer a learning environment that fosters exploration, inquiry, self-discovery and self-esteem with three distinct offerings: traditional “sleep-away” resident camps, day camps and single-night sleepover programs.

Resident Camps
Each SeaWorld and Busch Gardens resident camp offers up-close, hands-on experiences with amazing animals. Resident camps are available for children in grades 5 through college. Camps for younger students offer an engaging combination of animal encounters, nature excursions and time to enjoy all the exciting rides and shows at the parks. Older students can immerse themselves in Career Camps or choose to conquer all the excitement of rides and thrills at Busch Gardens with the “Xtreme Adventures” camp, which includes day trips to SeaWorld and Discovery Cove in Orlando.

New programs and curriculums are developed every year by the education staff to keep Resident Campers involved and intrigued with the world’s various environments. One of those programs, Conservation aCross Cultures (CCC), is a conservation awareness program developed in partnership with Busch Gardens' Adventure Camps and Zoological Department, Limbe Wildlife

Centre in Cameroon, Africa, and the Ndoki/Mbeli Bai gorilla study in Congo, Africa. During its development, Busch Gardens' resident campers interacted on-line with camp students from Africa and by satellite phone with wildlife researchers working in the field. Campers learned firsthand the effects of illegal hunting and how individuals on both continents can help save African wildlife.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens also offer multi-night resident camps designed for school groups looking for a different approach to learning about animals and the environment. The Group Camp curriculum is aligned with national and state science standards and facilitated by experienced zoo educators.

Campers lodge in on-site dormitories at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the SeaWorld parks in San Diego and San Antonio. At SeaWorld Orlando, campers sleep in animal attractions right next to beluga whales, manatees and dolphins, or at approved off-site hotels. Camp counselors supervise campers 24 hours a day.

Day Camps and Sleepovers
Day Camp is a time to make new friends, try new things, come face-to-face with a giraffe, touch a penguin and ride amazing coasters… but only at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Day Camps. These diverse, weeklong experiences start in June for campers going into Preschool through eighth grade. For example, two camp programs spend the week at Adventure Island in Tampa experiencing the attractions and learning about careers with water. Day Campers at SeaWorld can learn what animals like dolphins and polar bears eat by getting to feed them.

Single night sleepovers are offered year round at SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, and at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The programs are flexible – perfect for birthday parties, individuals, school groups or scout groups – and let kids experience the parks at night and sleep right next to the animals.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), a nationally recognized association focused on quality, health matters and safety issues. ACA assures that camp practices have been measured against national standards and go beyond a state’s basic licensing requirement. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps have voluntarily submitted to this independent appraisal conducted by camp experts and have earned this mark of distinction.

Camps are offered at SeaWorld San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando; and at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Visit or call (866) GO-TO-CAMP.


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