OFF! PowerPad Lamp Repels Mosquitoes

Did you know we are in the middle of mosquito season? These little buggers are most active between April and October. And the rain doesn't help, as little puddles become breeding holes for these bloodsucking bandits.

And I swear, mosquitoes around here don't just bite. They look for the worst possible place to bite. Most recently, between my knuckles.

And besides the normal discomfort, some people have reactions to mosquito bites. My goddaughter swells up in hard knots where she is bitten. She has to take Benadryl to reduce swelling. :sad:

Plus, mosquitoes carry all sorts of awful diseases. Like the West Nile Virus - which is a real, deadly health concern.

So - how do we not get bitten? Take action to either reduce or eliminate mosquitoes in your area. That's why I love the OFF! PowerPad Lamp.

OFF! is a name I've used for years. I remember my parents spraying it on me when I was just a little girl, out camping. So it's wonderful that they created this heat activated repellent pad that repels mosquitoes from an average size deck or patio (15 x 15 feet). Especially with all the nighttime activities, like fireworks and barbecues.

In fact, last year I was EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes when watching fireworks. But this time I will be sitting close to my OFF! PowerPad Lamp. It's easy to use! You simply put a candle on the base of the lamp and light it. Then you place the repellent pad into the middle slot on the top of the lamp. Then you snap together the lamp base and frame. The pad and candle last the same length of time.

I was worried that there might be a strong OFF! smell associated with the lamp. But honestly, there was no scent. And when I used it outside to watch the fireworks this year, the mosquitoes stayed away. :cheer: So I am a lot happier knowing that we were all more comfortable and safer without mosquitoes biting at our heels ....or more!

When you purchase your OFF! PowerPad Lamp, be sure to pick up a refill pack too. Each candle and pad lasts approximately 4 hours. So you want to have spares on hand.

And during Summer BBQs, you'll know where to find me. Within 15 feet of the OFF! PowerPad Lamp!

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