No More Summer Brain Drain - Summer Bridge Workbooks

I am sure you have heard about Summer Brain Drain. It's when children forget a lot of what they learned during summer vacation. And then when school starts again, they are either behind or the class has to "relearn" skills from the previous year.

That's what makes Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks pretty spectacular! They are designed to help children maintain and enhance scholastic skills over the summer break. Summer Bridge workbooks consist of daily activities in reading, writing, mathematics, and language arts with bonus activities in science and geography for grades Pre-K through 8th. Summer learning is fun and easy with exciting activities, full-color flash cards, incentive contract calendars to keep kids motivated and, a certificate of completion.

My oldest, 3 years old, had the chance to practice with the Pre-K Summer Bridge Workbook. I was in awe at how it made learning and maintaining skills fun and easy. Not only do I think this is a great summer workbook, I think it's great at introducing skills prior to the start of the school year AND practicing & sharpening skills throughout the school year.

Now, each workbook is divided into three sections. The first two sections are supposed to review the grade students are leaving to help them retain the skills they have learned. The third section previews the upcoming year to prepare students for the challenges in the grade ahead.

My son will begin VPK next year, so the skills in his workbook are what he would learn when he starts the program. But when we received our Summer Bridge Activities workbook, he was as excited to begin as I was. Each page has a day written on top. So the first page, front and back, was Day 1. It introduced a dinosaur to him, had him practice tracing a straight line and had him match identical objects. It was very cool to sit with him as he tried tracing and matching. And every day he enjoys trying and learning a new concept. He colors, tells me shapes, traces and more.

The Summer Bridge Activities Website is pretty cool too. It has lots of resources to take advantage off, such as games, physical/fitness fun, a reading room and parent resources.

All-in-all, if you want to ensure your child is prepared for the next school year, order a Summer Bridge Activities Workbook. It makes learning fun over the summer! They cost around $13.95 on the Summer Bridge Activities Website.


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