Newest RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder

The RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder is the slimmest ever offered by RCA. It's the EZ209HD, which is now available at stores and online! It makes sharing super-easy, through YouTube,, Mozy and even E-mail!

It's also easy to use, thanks to the embedded Memory Manager™ Software that requires no CD-ROM. It simply launches automatically with the first USB to PC connection. Another great feature is the EZGrab, which can capture an image from the recorded video with frame-by-frame accuracy.

Moms will love it, since it’s small enough to fit in a pocket so you can take it anywhere. Yet it’s sophisticated enough to capture the action scenes in the high-speed Sports Mode at 60fps (frames per second).

The EZ209HD features a built-in, two inch LCD screen and users can view videos on an HD television using the camcorder’s HDMI connection. A MicroSD card slot (with expansion options of up to 16GB), provides the ability to record for several additional hours. An eight megapixel Still Photo Capture feature makes the EZ209HD perfect for those looking to capture memorable moments. A built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to two hours of use is included. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $119.99.

You will also want to look out for the RCA Small Wonder EZ207, an affordable entry-level standard camcorder with Web definition and 1.5” flip-out screen, MicroSD card expansion slot (with expansion options up to 8GB) and Mini USB connection. MSRP: $79.99.

Happy Taping!


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