Nature’s Baby Organics: Go Green Baby!

My little one has eczema, so I take care to use products that are soothing to his sensitive skin. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Nature’s Baby Organics, which are natural and organic products that really the whole family can use.

I received a travel pack in Vanilla Tangerine. This travel pack had samples of their shampoo/body wash, lotion, conditioner, and calming spray. Since my son has eczema, I also received a soothing stick to help with flare ups.

The Shampoo/Body Wash and Conditioner/Detangler worked spectacularly. Normally, I find that organic shampoos don't leave hair feeling clean. But without a doubt, the boys hair was gorgeous after using the shampoo/bodywash. Plus, it's a perk that I could use the same body to wash the rest of them, as well. By the time the bath ended they smelled so good - reminiscent of Key Lime Pie! And the detangler worked WONDERS, prior to me cutting my youngest son's hair. He used to have long, wavy hair and the detangler let me get it perfectly combed.

After baths, it's important to moisturize skin that has eczema. It helps reduce the irritation. The lotion was great! Smooth and not oily at all. Now, the calming spray was interesting. it was supposed to help soothe and relax, but maybe it works better with babies. My kid is an INSANE 19 month old. Relaxing is not something he does well. Prior to bed he just runs his energy out.

The Organic Soothing Stick was real cool though, since it has so many uses. Primarily, I use it on his eczema when it's red. (Usually his spots are white). But you can also use the soothing stick to treat cuts, scrapes and burns. So I keep it in my purse for easy access.

All the products rock, because when you use them you no it has no unnecessary bad stuff. There are no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrances or DEA in these products.

Most recently, Nature's Baby Organics has started appearing in Target stores around the USA. You can see if it's in a store in your area by visiting this link: Target Store List. Target will be carry their Shampoo/Body Washes in Vanilla Tangerine and Lavender Chamomile, as well as Nature's Baby Organics Fragrance Free Lotion and Bubble Bath in Tangy Tangerine.

Also, you can enter a monthly drawing at their website to win products! Just visit!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Nature's Baby Organics for providing the samples to review. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!