The Mom Buzz Health Goal: Lose my Bee-hind

I know, I know - resolutions usually come after New Year's. But I have to say, I was motivated after watching my hubby compete in a bodybuilding contest. I loved going to the gym in the past, but parenting and having babies was my life 100% for a while. I think I can fit in some "me-time" though and work on eating better and exercising right.

My goal - to lose my "bee-hind". (Hey - you are on the Mom Buzz! Of course it's a bee-hind!) Actually, I just want it to be perkier and lose the cellulite around my thighs.

So - hubby will be talking about me on Lifting Underground here and there as he fixes up my diet and exercise. And I will be talking about things here from my perspective. Like how I thought I was too tired to be able to handle 10 pounds on a vertical flye... and then it wasn't until I was leaving that I realized I was just pushing the wrong way. :doi: Hey ... I am used to working out with my husband. Doing it on my own as he watches the kids is a little whacky for me!

So... here are my before pics. Do you like my posing? LOL! My husband is trying to make me a professional! And I hope to be entering a contest next July!

You can read his post here: 2010: A Figure Odyssey


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