The Mom Buff

So I've been working out for over a week now. (Wow!) It's great going back to the gym! And my husband is behind me 100%, so it's great to have his support. Even if he is laughing at me as I show him my new found "muscles". (I squeak when I show off a bicep.)

Since I am still new at this, sometimes I feel awkward or silly when working out. I am so used to having my husband with me in the past when I have questions. Now as I look around wondering where a certain machine is, I actually am lost!

So my advice is ... get over it. Ask someone at the gym for help! If they work at the gym, it's their job! And if you are at a 24/7 gym, like mine, then just look for someone who seems knowledgeable. I am betting, that as long as you don't interrupt them between reps (wait for them to put their weights down), that they will be happy to point you in the right direction. But, just don't expect a fellow gym member to stop EVERYTHING to answer ALL of your questions. But if you just say you are new and can't spot the preacher curl equipment, they can help.

Side note ... I was asking my husband what causes muscle pain the other day. Is it muscles being rebuilt or pain from the muscle tearing during the work out? Well ... he answered me with what is DOMS. Feel free to go on over and learn more!

NEXT WEEK: Pictures! Kevin is going to take some pictures of me, so I can see if I had any progress over a 2 week period!

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