MFS Eyewear and Prevent Blindness America

As many of you may already know, I am a big promoter of sunglasses for children. Just like we need to slather our kids with sunscreen and use UV Shirts to protect their skin, their eyes need to be protected as well. Vision is something many of us take for granted. But, when you or a family member are struck by limited vision or none at all, we take it closer to heart.

Many members of my family suffer from corneal dystrophy. It's a progressive disease that requires transplants or other advanced treatments to retain vision. My dad, sister, grandmother and numerous aunts and uncles have it. So does my nephew.

That's one reason I wanted to chat about MFS Eyewear, who is a proud partner to Prevent Blindness America, the nation’s oldest volunteer eye health and safety organization. Together they promote UV protection awareness to parents and children.

MFS Eyewear provides fun and fashionable 100% UVA/UVB resistant shades for infants and children. The signature wraparound design and neoprene band of the sunglasses functions to block out peripheral light while securing the children’s sunshades securely and comfortably in place so children can enjoy the sun without any worry. Wraparound sunglasses that block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays are the most effective in protecting eyes in addition to the delicate skin around the eyes. These shades are constructed from reliable and lasting polycarbonate materials, specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of any active child.

If you would like to order a pair of these sunglasses for your child, be sure to visit MFS Eyewear. Do your part in protecting your children's eyesight this summer!


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