Lil' Tag Alongs Blankets!

I cannot tell you how many winter walks my husband and I have been on with the kids where we ended up losing a blanket! Ugh. Here we are trying to keep the kids warm ... and next thing we know we are back at the house sans blanket and with chilly kids. So then we have to backtrack to find it! Thankfully one has never been permanently lost - but I know other parents have lost blankets and toys that way!

I mean, those wiggly toddlers just kick off the blanket and toss their toys, while our super-sized strollers block our view so we just keep on walking! I have NO CLUE how I missed a giant shark falling from the stroller one day - but you can bet I jumped into my car faster than you could say "Shark Bait" to find it! And even if you do notice that the toys and blankies fell - just imagine the germs! Ewwww!

Now Sharon from Lil' Tag Alongs came up with a super solution, one that only a been-there-done-that mama could think up! She created a so-soft blanket that you can attach toys to... and you can attach the blanket to the stroller. So now NOTHING is falling off!

Ingeniously, you can also use the blanket as a tummy-time mat at home or when visiting friends and family. Simply attach toys to the links, lay on the floor and let your baby explore. And you all know how important tummy-time is, building muscles in their neck, back and more!

My kiddos are too big to use the tummy-time function of the Lil' Tag Alongs Blankets, but younger kids will love it. There are two sides to the blanket, one is minky soft and the other is a cotton material. The one we used had blue minky one one side and the other 100% cotton side had a car/transportation (City Car) pattern. It has four reinforced areas where loops can be attached too. At this time the loops are are not sold with the Lil' Tag Alongs, but they will be included in the near future they will be, so keep an eye out. But in the meantime, you can find loops at Target and Babies R Us. There is even a direct link to them from

Lil Tag Alongs are available in two sizes. The large blanket is perfect for larger travel strollers, while the smaller one is a perfect fit for umbrella strollers.

Lil' Tag Along Features
  • Handmade toy attachable baby blanket
  • Two great textures; one-side minky fabric; the other side 100% cotton
  • Bright colors to stimulate infant eye development
  • Encourages tummy time, reaching for objects and crawling
  • Toys are interchangeable (not provided)
  • Two Sizes: Approx. 24" X 27" & 15" X 17"
  • Easily attaches to most strollers with links (links are not provided)
  • Available in many different patterns
BUZZWORTHY: There is a special promotion at LilTagAlongs throughout the month of July! A Large blanket is available for $39.95 and the smaller blanket is available for $19.99. (Regular prices are $48 and $29.95.

One buzz reader will have an opportunity to win a small blanket in the pattern of your choice . To enter, visit and tell me what pattern you would choose.

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