Kajeet Cell Phone Made for Kids

I am a huge worrywart about my kids location. But face it - do you always know where your kids are? Not just the little ones that you are watching like a hawk - but the school-ages ones. Many times parents give them a cell phone for "safety". But then what often happens? Ca-ching - lots of $$$$$! That's because these chatty, tech-savvy kids will be calling friends and texting, texting, texting! And you may still have no clue where they really are after school, between clubs and sports activities.

That's where Kajeet cell phones comes in. I received the LG LX160, which is an oh-so-awesome LG Phone that is compact with a blue, shiny, plastic casing. It's durable and sleek. It has a screen on the outside of the phone that will tell you the time, date, voicemail and battery charge. (That time and date is useful, so your kids will know at a glance where they should be. But you will know where they are no matter what - we'll get to that in a bit...)

When you flip open the phone, you get a similar screen that once again tells you the information above, plus your child can access their favorites and contacts.

Under favorites, you can make a list of oft-used options, such as: call history, messaging, my content, web, voice services, blue tooth, tools and services. Under Contacts you put the important phone numbers and e-mails - like MOM'S! I put my cell phone, home phone and e-mail in there. So that way if I need to be called or contacted in any way, it's all right there.

Checking the call history, using the speaker or sending a text is simple. There is a little button for each next to the menu. And you can check voicemail by pushing the number 1 - it has a picture of an envelope on it.

Phone Locator
Now let's talk the about the feature that really makes this phone and service unique. GPS! You can activate the GPS locator for $9.99 a month! This would also help with a lost phone, I think. And I am sure kids lose phones a lot. To use the GPS, you go online to your account. There you will see an option for phone locator. Choose it ...and even set it up to receive automotic updates!

What makes it really cool is that you can get automatic updates at certain times - like afterschool or after a sports practice. And it will even send your child texts letting them know that they've been located. I think it's peace of mind for everyone! And it is very exact too!

Separate Accounts & Wallets
When you log on, you will also see that there are separate accounts for children and parents. This will just make it easier for everyone to get along with the phone. You can set it up so that it can't be used at certain times, like when they are in school. And you can separate wallets. So if your child calls their BFF too much one month - there is no more money for THAT. But they can always call their parents, even if the child's wallet is empty. That is perfect for emergencies.

You can also block calls and texts from certain numbers.

Pay as you Go

You can pay as you go, so no annual contracts. You pay for calls (10 cents a minute) as they are made. And you can refill wallets with Kajeet Refill cards, logging in to your account at Kajeet.com or simply calling their customer care line with a credit card in hand. And your child can check their balance using the Navigator on their phone (under Favorites).

Texting is 10 cents a text. But you know kids can rack up texts like crazy - so you might want to get the Text Pak for $4.99 a month.

The LG LX160 comes with $5 airtime, is bluetooth compatible, has a speakerphone, a color external display (fancier than the LG I own!), a charger, earbud and battery. The only thing I would change is the way the charger plugs in the phone - its a little difficult for me for all the LG phones I have used.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Thank you Kajeet for providing the phone for review. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!