Happy Heinys One Size Cloth Diaper - Review & Give-Away

When shopping for a cloth diaper, what does the Mom Buzz look for?

1. Snaps - I just love how durable they are, a little harder for my son to undo himself and it eliminates snagging from Velcro in the wash

2. Pockets - I love the stuff and go convenience. It's also the easiest for my husband and mom to put on the baby.

3. Color - Uhm. Yah. I like color. The more colors to choose from, the more likely I am to buy.

So, it's no surprise that I have been mighty curious about the fit, style and wear of Happy Heinys cloth diapers. And to peak my curiosity even more - they have a ONE SIZE CLOTH DIAPER WITH SNAPS. Oooh. Aaah. Yah. If you are an avid reader of the Mom Buzz, you know I am picky with one size diapers. I HATE when I purchase a diaper that claims to be one-size fits most - and it doesn't fit around the waist of my 27 pound 18 month old. Honestly, I've had this problem when he was even smaller. If a diaper says it goes up to 30+ pounds, it should definitely fit my kiddo!

So, Happy Heinys was up to the challenge! They sent two blue Happy Heinys for my big kiddo. First of all, there are over 20 colors to choose from - solids and prints. I love the new peace bear print they have! When shopping, see if you can find it! But the solids are gorgeous too, especially the selection for boys. There are 4 shades of blue, 3 shades of green and I love red and orange on boys! Heck, I even put my boy in yellows! It is a nice gender-neutral choice. But for the review, I was given baby blue and royal blue to put on my boys bum. Gorgeous shades. I think I favor the darker color to hide stains from dirt and food - but if your house is immaculate and your child never spills - the baby blue is so "soft" on the eyes.

The One-Size Happy Heinys can fit a child from 7.5 to 35 pounds. So my son has 7 more pounds to go before reaching the maximum size! How does one diaper fit such a range? Well, you can thank the snaps. I have tried a few diapers that use snaps to convert the size from small to large, but Happy Heinys definitely has the most snaps! You snap 3 snaps across to change through FOUR sizes. Name them what you want! I suppose we can say it goes from X-large to large to medium to small. The three snaps across definitely ensures the snaps will stay in place, no matter how active your little one is. Plus, to reduce the width around the waist, you can actually fasten the side tabs over each other. That can give you a better fit than even disposable or velcro diapers! So, technically there are 10 snaps that you can use to get a better fit around the waist and legs. Wow! And yes, the one-size diaper does fit my son GREAT.

Each Happy Heinys comes with two microfiber inserts - small and large. I usually only use a large insert in my Happy Heinys since I use it on the largest setting. But if you are using it with a teeny 7.5 baby (the smallest suggested size for this one-size diaper) the small insert would work better, reducing "bulging", which I am sure is more comfortable. But if you have a heavy wetter, you can try putting both inserts in there together.

Happy Heinys One-Size with Snaps is just the newest product they have. They also have One-Size with Velcro, Sized Pocket Diapers, Fitted Diapers, Diaper Covers and Training Pants. And Happy Heinys are proudly made in the USA.

Okay, I just wanted to let all you 'sposie moms that I was nervous to make the switch too. I thought it would be so HARD. And my husband was mighty afraid of poopy cloth diapers. But it so easy to care for cloth that I often wished I did it with my first.

For pee dipes, I simply remove an insert (if necessary) and dump the diaper and insert in a diaper pail. Poopy diapers - I dump the poo in a toilet and flush. I rinse the poo off too and then put those in the diaper pail. Then every two/three days I wash. Sometimes 5 days go by (whoops) - but really I don't suggest that. Two to 3 days is best. You Machine Wash on Hot. Tumble Dry. And use 1/2 the amount of detergent that manufacturers suggest for the wash.

And I know all the names, brands, styles can be confusing. But pockets are an easy way to ease in. And one-size dipes significantly cut the costs even more. Even if you only use cloth on weekends, you will end up saving a lot of money. Just think - if you use 7 diapers a day. So 14 a weekend. Multiply that by 4 weekends a month. That would be 56 diapers a MONTH that you aren't throwing away - you are reusing and saving.

If you EVER have any questions about cloth - e-mail me. I will help walk you through choosing, buying, etc. It would be my pleasure! erintales(at)themombuzz(dot)com.

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