Guardian Angel Bracelets: Helping Keep Kids Safe

One thing I am positive EVERY MOM worries about is losing her child in public. Did you know over 2,000 children are lost everyday? Just today I was at a park with my kids and some other moms. And every other second I am counting them. One-two. One-two. One... Ack! Where is two? And then he pops out from behind a pole.

Luckily, the park wasn't crowded and I did have my eyes on them. But it's THAT EASY to lose one. Especially when it is crowded. It might be they walk away, or they might be taken.

One way that can help get your child back if they do wander is to have some sort of "contact me" on them. I've used tattoos in the past, with my number on it. But I do like the waterproof, durable Guardian Angel Bracelets, as well.

What's the difference? The two main differences between the tattoos and the bracelet are:


The Bracelets let me write the number I need right then and there. So if they are out with me, I write my cell number on the bracelet with a supplied water-proof pen. If they are going out with my mom, I write my mom's cell on it. If they are out with my husband, his cell number goes on it. So you can customize it easily.

Once you order the safety tattoos with a number, that is the only number that people can call when your child is lost.

2. Ease-of-Removal:

When having a "contact me" number on your child for emergencies, you want them to be easy to see and not easy to remove. The tattoos are physically attached to your child's skin and can only be removed with alcohol or a lot of washing! But the Guardian Angel bracelets are not easy to remove either! They have to be cut off to remove. And they are easy to spot on a child's wrist.

More about Guardian Angel Bracelets:
A pack of ten has two sets of multicolored bracelets. 5 are rainbow striped and the other 5 are rainbow tie-dye. They clearly say, "If Lost Call" and then you add the proper phone number underneath with a supplied water-proof pen.

The bracelet is just one step in helping your child remain safe. Guardian Angel also provides other tips, like dressing your kids in bright clothing, teaching them to approach the first person they see when lost and asking them to call the number on the bracelet, carrying a recent photo of your child and a lot more. You can find great tips at You can also order a pack while you are there!

Honestly, if you are planning on going ANYWHERE this summer I suggest these bracelets. Them parks, water parks, beach, airport, etc. It's so easy to lose track of a child when you are hustling around. And you can't count on them to remember their number at a vital moment. But you can teach them to go to someone - a mom or a person in a uniform - show them their bracelet and you can have them back after a quick phone call.

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