Georgia Blue Hair Bows and Classy Clips

As a mom of two boys, I miss out on some of the frills of having girls - literally. Frilly diaper covers, sassy bows, chic clothes - that's not what I see day-to-day. But I still have an eye for what's cute for girls, thanks to being the godmother of a 3 year old and 4 year old.

So, when I learned about Georgia Blue's Hair Bows and Classy Clips I fell in love! Not only were the accessories perfect for the little girls in my life, but I had the chance to accessorize myself, as well!

Yes, these clips are so fabulous that you can even put them in your own hair when going out at night or even to work. The owner's sister wears them all the time! And I snagged a pair of red ones to complement my favorite top. The red color not only matches my top, but stands out against my black hair perfectly.

But, back to who these are really designed for - little girls. When I was looking through the selection I was immediately drawn to the argyle clips, thinking they would look super on the girls when they go to school. All they need is a pleated skirt and knee high socks! And of course, the Sassy Pink with Green Stitching would look perfect on any little girl! I love the accent of the green on pink.

One of my favorite packs was the set of 5 Sassy and Fun Clips! No two are the same, but you can mix them up to pull back your little girl's hair! And if one gets misplaced, it doesn't matter, since none of them matched to begin with. But the colors do complement each other.

Now, I am a huge fan of the clips. But there is a similar pack that you can find with Bows - there are 12 that come together for $25. There are all sorts of shades and styles, made up like sweet little bows.

The bows and clips are designed on a metal hair clip. It grips hair perfectly and neatly. The ribbon stays in place on the clip perfectly, no sign of wear and tear after wearing.

Overall I love these designs! If you are looking for bright, cheerful, gorgeous clips and bows to complement any outfit - for a holiday, birthday or everyday wear - check out Georgia Blue's Etsy Shop selection! Her feedback is 100% positive!

About Heather, the owner of Georgia Blue
I am a stay at home mom of four, all under the age of eight - two boys and two girls! Needless to say my house is crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I think a bow is the just the touch to frame a face, complete an outfit and make any messy face cuter. My youngest Georgia seems to always lose her hairbows. It made my crazy, so I decided to make them myself. And that's how I got started!

One buzz reader will win a $10 Gift Code to shop from Georgia Blue. That would let a winner win 2 two packs, 1 five pack or purchase a discounted 25 pack of clippies or bows.

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