FUZFARM - EcoFriendly Home Products - Review & Give-Away

I don't know if you know who Josh Jakus is. I first discovered him through his fabulous, wool UM Bags. They are completely unique in that they transform into a flat surface when not being used. This allows them to lay completely flat for dry cleaning, storage, or travel. And when they are zipped, they are absolutely chic and fashionable.

Well, keeping up with his unique designs, Josh has now created FuzFarm products. At FuzFarm.com you will find provocative household accessories that use recycled or excess materials whenever possible. Plus, they manufacture in the USA to meet customer demand, keeping their business lean and local.

One of the coolest pieces has to be the Hug Placemats. They have built-in "Napkin Hugs" in the shape of people to help make a table setting complete. You simply pop them out and put them to work! And when done, pop them back in place. They come in eye-catching colors, materials and "gender shapes":
  • Green Felt Boy or Girl
  • Pink Felt Girl
  • Blue Felt Boy
  • Black Rubber Boy or Girl
You can also purchase the napkin hugs separately from the placemats.

But I absolutely love Dusty, the chalkboard, from FuzFarm.com. He is so personable! You can buy Dusty as a boy or girl, I received him as a boy. I put a hook on his back and hung him in the kitchen. He has a leash so that he can "walk" his dog eraser. I bought some chalk from my local supermarket for .99 cents - and then I started leaving reminders on the chalkboard! Like, "Call Doctor" and "Clean Patio". What's even cute is the little dog will hold your piece of chalk while not in use!

Dusty is made from non-formaldehyde, 100% recycled wood core. The eraser is cut from scrap felt. He measures 10.5 x 18.5 x 0.25 in. He should arrive with wall pegs for hanging. Dusty costs $29.00.

If you prefer a corkboard, you might be interested in Corky. That way you can pin up notes! He's perfect for a home office and is also made from excess material - non-formaldehyde, 100% recycled wood MDF core. He costs $29.00.

You will also want to check out the site for other ecofriendly unique items for home and office! And don't forget to grab an UM Bag to hold it all ... or at least your wallet!

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