Fruit2Day - Drink Your Fruit!

I know moms are always looking for healthy ways to let their children snack... and treat themselves, as well. That's where Fruit2Day comes in! It's a yummy fruit drink that has teeny bits of real fruit inside. It is all natural, has no sugar, is just over 100 calories a serving and has TWO servings of fruit per 6.75 fluid ounces.

My boys and I had the opportunity to try a few of the flavors. One of the boys had Pineapple Banana and the other tried Cherry Grape. They both seemed to enjoy it, especially after a hot day of playing outside. I tried the Strawberry Orange and thought it was yummy - a bit thicker than normal juice since it has the chunks in it. But it is something I would love to have on hand for guests of all ages! Fruit2Day also has Mango Peach, which I then let my boys split.

The Fruit2Day ingredients are healthy, especially with no sugar. For example, the Strawberry Orange contains the following ingredients:

Strawberry pieces, apple juice from concentrate and puree, white grape juice from concentrate, orange juice with pulp from concentrate, banana puree, pineapple pieces and puree, aronia berry juice from concentrate, acerola cherry juice from concentrate, natural flavor.

If you would like to try Fruit2Day, it's available in lots of stores. You can locate a store near you using the Fruit2Day store finder.

DRINK TIP: When serving your child, use a knife to cut a whole in the sealed top. Then slide a straw through the hole. It makes the Fruit2Day even MORE fun to drink and it lessens big spills!

Fruit2Day is giving TWO Buzz readers a chance to win Stainless Steel Fruit2day water bottles.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. The Mom Buzz was supplied with Fruit2Day to try. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!