Evian's Roller Baby!

A few weeks ago I posted about the Moonwalking Baby, brought to us by Evian. It was pretty cute. Well, then Evian upped the ante with a BREAKDANCING BABY! I kid you not! But now they released the best yet - a group of Roller Babies! Get a load of this...

Now if you haven't seen the Breakdancing Baby yet, here he is:

What do you think? I went to the website that the video listed at the very end - EvianLiveYoung.com - and you can see both the breakdance video, roller babies and the moonwalk video on there. All of these videos are on YouTube for easy sharing.

On EvianLiveYoung, you can also learn how they made the videos, see the babies on Facebook and download wallpaper featuring the babies. Overall, it's a cool interactive site, brought to us from the makers or Evian water. Share via Facebook, MySpace and Bebo today!


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