EcoTouch Car Wash - Waterless Car Wash

I was watching a commercial the other day about water conservation during a drought, which my area is currently under. They showed a man washing his car, spraying water everywhere, totally not even washing his car - just having fun wasting water.

This is reality, though. Just imagine how much water you do waste washing your car. That's what makes a product like EcoTouch waterless car wash pretty cool. So far I've washed my car twice with it and I am shocked at how well it works. I think it works better than a traditional handwash, actually. And it is a lot quicker too!

It comes in a spray bottle. You spritz your car, one section at a time. Then you wipe the spray off with a microfiber towel. Afterwards you buff it for a shine with a second, clean microfiber towel. It's like cleaning a kitchen counter.

The most awesome thing about this product is you are saving water. But I have to say it is a must-have for single guys. Seriously, because you can clean your car to impress the girls in mere minutes. Okay, was that sexist of me to say? It can go the other way too. If you want to impress someone, in-laws maybe, and don't want to show up in a dirty car - this is a go-to product.

They say one bottle last 4 - 6 washes. I am an exuberent cleaner, I think. I am guessing I have 1 - 2 washes left in it. So I might make it to 4 washes with it. But, it's estimated that the EcoTouch Car Wash can save 100 gallons of water, compared to a hose & bucket method. Plus it eliminates toxic water entering waterways untreated. The waterless car wash costs $9.99.

I can't express enough how important it is to use a clean microfiber cloth for buffing, though, otherwise you are rubbing dirt back on your car! Yuck!

But EcoTouch Conscious Car Care has more than just a waterless car wash. They have a complete line of car cleaning products that are safe for use around kids and pets. These cleaners are non-toxic, biodegradable and free of any synthetic fragrances, dyes or parabens. Some other Eco Touch products I tried were:
  • Window Clear: Cleans & Shines without streaking, no ammonia or alcohol
  • All Purpose Cleaner: Cleans hard surfaces, dissolves oil, grim, dirt & dust
  • Dashboard Protect: Conditions dashboard, trim & vinyl, scented with essential oils.
They also have Upholstery/Carpet Cleaner and Metal Polish. I only wish they sold "car vacuum" in a bottle, as well! And when placing an order, don't forget to include some re-usable Microfiber towels. They are gentle on the car, so you wont have scratching or unsightly swirl marks.

I loved the Dashboard Protect. I used it all over the inside of the car. It did an awesome job cleaning off the banana "juice" that was on my dashboard after I left a banana there ... in the car... during summer. But all clean - like new - with Dashboard Protect. And it smelled really good! Not overpowering at all.

The All Purpose cleaner was also awesome. It can be used inside your home, too. I used it to clean off the gunk inside the cupholders. I think it was spilled milk? Yuck! But it wiped off easily with the All-Purpose Cleaner. I also used this cleaner to clean my hubcaps. They were nice and sparkly afterwards.

And of course the Window Cleaner worked as promised. No streaks! And I loved how it has no ammonia. It uses plant-derived ingredients and natural minerals to dissolve bugs, fingerprints and more! That's great, considering it's "love bug" season!

So, if you want an Eco-Friendly and oh-so-easy way of cleaning your car - look for EcoTouch Conscious Car Wash! I absolutely LOVE IT! No more begging hubby to clean the car for me!

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