Crayola's Outdoor Challenge - Review & Give-Away

My kids love to play outside. Daily. Multiple times a day. The only exception is when they are sick! Sometimes I am surprised to learn that is not the norm? So that's why the Centers for Disease Control has issued a statement explaining how important it is that children have at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day for healthy physical, mental and social development.

Kids develop their imaginations and enhance their physical abilities by being outside. Crayola knows this and that's why they went on a create-and-play mission with Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien to inspire families to get outside and exercise their bodies and imaginations with creative Crayola activities.

You might think it's obvious how Crayola helps with imagination - but physical well-being? Well, games I play with my kids on the patio include hopscotch, snail hopscotch, and we also draw shapes on the ground and I have the children jump from them (Stand in the Circle, Stand in the Square, Etc). There is a lot you can do with Crayola chalk and outdoor crayons!

Well, as part of Crayola's Outdoor Challenge they allowed my family to review four Crayola products:

  • Color Explosion--Extreme Surprises (Black)
  • Color Surge-Classic Tips
  • Giant 3D Sidewalk Chalk
  • Super Bright Sidewalk Chalk Crayons

Color Explosion - Black
This reminds me of an art project lots of people did when they were younger. Remember when you colored a piece of paper completely in crayon. Then you paint over the crayon with black paint. Next you scrape off the black paint to make a design? It's that concept, except they use Crayola magic! You have these black sheets of paper and magic markers. You draw on the black with the marker and the black goes away. They even provided fun stencils with spaceships, moons and stars on the one we got! The markers do get gunky after a while from the black, so it would be cool to get more markers in a package and/or be able to buy the markers separately.

Color Surge
This was another bright surprise. I loved it. This one is colored paper - two-sided! And as you draw on the paper with the special color surge markers, they just completely enhance the color! it comes with some stencils. It's five times brighter than regular markers on regular construction paper. You can even get this in a Star Wars version or Disney fairies! I LOVED THIS CRAYOLA PRODUCT! ($9.99)

Giant 3-D Sidewalk Chalk

You have to admit you are curious about 3-D Sidewalk Chalk. Does it really work? Well .... YES! The kit I received had 4 GINORMOUS double-sided chalk and two sets of 3-D glasses. One for each boy! That rocked. Now those gigantic chalk pieces have two colors that go together really well to make the colors really pop at different levels. But I found out that the 3D glasses work with the Super Bright Sidewalk Crayons too! So as long as you have chalk outside, keep those 3D glasses nearby for a real cool experience.

Super Bright Sidewalk Crayons

Okay, this is like the Crayola Chalk and feels like the Crayola Chalk, but the colors are really bold and bright! It washes off easily, though. It comes as a set of 15 and is interchangeable with all Crayola Chalk tools. These are great for creating hopscotch, snail hopscotch and colored shapes on the ground to enhance outdoor physical exercise. ($4.99)

Over all, Crayola was a great success at the Mom Buzz household and Santa will be delivering more in just a few months!

One Buzz reader can win a Crayola Gift Pack, including
  • Color Explosion--Extreme Surprises (Black)
  • Color Surge-Classic Tips
  • Giant 3D Sidewalk Chalk
  • Super Bright Sidewalk Chalk Crayons

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