Choosing a Tandem Stroller: Graco DuoGlider

When I was pregnant with my second child, I think I spent 7 months researching strollers. What would work for my lifestyle? What would fit in my car? How much could we afford? I test drove strollers, researched online, borrowed double strollers from family and friends and measured and remeasured the trunk of my car. Why so much work? Because a double stroller is gear that must work for you! When you have your hands full with two kids, the last thing you need to worry about is whether its a struggle to steer your stroller, put in it your car or seat your children comfortably.

Right now my friend is in the same position, researching strollers. I told her that I thought the Graco tandem options would be an awesome fit for her! One that I can suggest after testing is the DuoGlider LX: 1750763. It is available in two gorgeous color schemes, Zarafa or Sterling. Sterling seems to be a beautiful blue. Zarafa is more eye-catching with brown and orange colors and a giraffe pattern on the seats. Not their fur pattern, an actual outline of little giraffes!

I think the dark colors will keep the Zarafa looking newer and cleaner longer. And I know how important that is, considering I have two messy boys. I swear, they look at something and it is covered in cookies and milk!

One cool thing is the weight limit per seat - 40 pounds. That can accomodate most sibling pairs. I know at 3 my son is 27 pounds. And my niece is 4 and weighs in the 30s. So if your first child is under 40, then this will be a groovy, comfortable, stylish ride. Why?

Well - both children get a snack tray and cupholder. Most side-by-sides don't have full snack trays with cupholders, so my boys are riding in luxury with the Graco DuoGlider LX. And both seats have recline capabilities, with the back seat having a full recline. Perfect for a little baby! That backseat is also elevated, so they aren't stuck looking at the back of their sibling's head the whole time. Goodness knows, my youngest is too nosey to stand for that!

And they didn't forget the parents. There is a parent tray that has a storage bin, for keys or wallets. And a cup holder for that much-needed caffeine boost - coffee or Starbucks, name your drink!

The ride is oh-so-smooth thanks to the Graco's suspension. That is definitely one thing I miss with some of the other strollers we've used in the past. I am sorry to say that suspension is a MUST for long walks. It makes it seem like you are barely pushing two kids around! Riding on air, I suppose you could say.

My husband is able to make the stroller fold with one hand. But he was able to do it with our old single Graco too. I always have to use two hands to fold my Graco's - single or double. But if you were talented, like my husband, at folding it with one hand - then this should be a cinch too! I really don't mind one way or another. I put the kids in the car and fold. It's not like I can fold it with the kids on my hip or running around in a parking lot!

Now, considering the capabilities of this stroller, it is pretty lightweight at jsut under 30 pounds. It's handle height it 40". It's comfortable for me, but I think my husband could use it a little higher. I am 5' 6", he is 5'11". When open, the stroller measures about 36" long and only 20" wide.

Plus, I am POSITIVE that many first time moms have had Graco Travel Systems in the past. So it's great to know that BOTH seats on the Graco DuoGlider are compatible with the common Snugride Infant Car Seat or Infant SafeSeat. This also makes it a wonderful stroller for moms of twins.

Overall, I am loving it. If you are looking for a tandem stroller to avoid the "He's touching me" fights, this is the one I would suggest! It steers wonderfully, fits through doorways easily and is simply gorgeous! Much better than the tandem my sister used oh-so-many years ago! And the price is awesome for a stroller that seats two - $179.99. See it in action:

Learn More about the Graco LX Stroller: 1750763 and where you can buy it!


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