Awesome Apartment Search iPhone Application

My husband has an iPhone and loves it. There are so many applications he uses for it ... and most of them are free. One great Free Application for people looking for a place to live during this dismal housing crisis is the Apartment Search iPhone Application. It's offered by My New Place (

Buzzworthy Features:

- Free and available now at
MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store

- Search more than 6 million apartments and rental homes nationwide

- Find apartments nearby using GPS, or search for city, state, zip

- Lots of rich filtering of search results (beds, baths, price, pet policies, amenities)

- Notes and Photos keeps you organized by letting you store thoughts and photos right on the listing

- You can map listings, get directions or even call and e-mail these properties directly!

- Use your iPhone then to take photos and jot notes of your favorite apartments as you search. This will totally help you remember the best features of your favorites!

- And the best part is that you can share these listings INSTANTLY with friends, family ... all your followers on Facebook! So you can get their opinions too!

Learn more with this cool video!

And as cool as it is to use this app on-the-go, you can still be all old-fashioned (like me) and find a place to rent simply by visiting It's one of the biggest apartment rental sites on the internet, with more than 6 million apartments and rental homes nationwide. Plus, there is a lot of valuable information on their Apartment Guide that you don't want to miss when you are on your search.

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