AMP Cloth Diapers One Size Duo - Review & Give-Away

I still remember when I first heard about cloth diapers, I couldn't even begin to imagine all the brands and styles! But, a few months ago I discovered yet another awesome diaper - AMP Diapers. It stands for Annie Marie Padorie, which is the owner. (Well, her real name is Andrea - but you can visit her site to see why she refers to herself and he diaper company as Annie Marie Padorie).

What really amazes me is how she started her company. All because the diapers she found in stores weren't absorbent enough, she created an awesome, soft, comfortable diaper for babies. And she didn't stop there, her latest design is the One Size Duo which has the convenience of a pocket and the economical savings of a diaper that grows with your child from 7 to 35 pounds. (Beat that, mass-marketed-disposable-diapers!)

Honestly, after months of using cloth diapers I have NOT seen an increase in water usage. And the increase in electricity from using the dryer is hard to tell, since we are now in the summer months and the air is on all the time. But I can tell you I am saving a TON of money not buying disposable diapers for my little one anymore. And even though I loved perfect-sized diapers, you have to buy the next size up as they grow. But with the One Size Duo you are pretty much set from birth to potty training.

The diaper "grows" with your child using snaps. And you get a great custom fit around the legs and waist with snaps, as well. And me...well I LOVE snap diapers. I don't want Velcro diapers to catch and snag on the other diapers. Now, here is where AMP really was smart with her design. Because one argument in favor of Velcro closure is a custom fit. You can close it wherever you need. While snaps, you are limited to the snap placement. But since AMP diapers have a partially elasticised waist, it offers a better fit! Better than Snaps alone or Velcro! Here you can see a video of how the snaps are used to make the diaper grow and how to use them to fit around the waist of your child.

Now, if you want to save even MORE money - you can use this diaper as an All-In-Two. That's when, rather than tossing the whole diaper system in the wash you only remove the insert. To do that, you don't stuff the pocket. Instead you lay an insert on the oh-so-soft microfleece. When your child pees or poops, if only the insert is soiled, you simply change the insert and reuse the waterproof PUL cover. Ingenious! That means you only need to have around 6 AMP covers and 21 inserts. Imagine the savings! Honestly, though, I love the pocket.

Now, a lot of "growing" diapers tend to be very "fluffy". But I find AMP to offer a trim fit! Very surprising and beneficial since it lets me easily put shorts over them.

What else can you buy from AMP Diapers? Well, she also offers All-in-Twos, Stay-Dry All-in-Ones, Original Pockets, Hemp Fitted and Inserts and Flats.

I just have to gush about the color selection of AMP Diapers. I love SELECTION. The more colors, the more likely I am to purchase A LOT. Because, face it, I get tired of the same blues. When shopping for your One Size Duo you can choose from 25 colors. For my little one, there are 17 colors I would love to own. I was allowed to review the deep, green Forest one - which I love.

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