Allergies, Ear Infections & Fleas, Oh My!
Oreck Halo Vacuum Review

Allergies, Ear Infections and Fleas - Oh My! This is a tale of three common problems that many households face and I think I found a perfect solution - UV-C Technology. Let me explain more.

Ear Infections
I had a friend whose child always got ear infections. She even needed tubes. When my friend removed the carpets, his daughter's chronic ear infections stopped. By removing the carpet, he also removed the cause of the infections - trapped bacteria and viruses. (That picture on the left is a petri dish showing what is found on carpets.)

Did you know in one study from the University of Arizona found that one-square-inch sample of carpet has more than 200,000 bacteria particles? Not that other floor surfaces are much better, with the bathroom floor having 18,025 and a kitchen tile having 2,546. But when you compare that to a toilet seat, which you would assume is FILTHY - that only had 49 bacteria particles in the study. So just imagine, your carpeting in your child's bedroom is probably 4,000 times more filthy than a toilet seat.

I recently had a 2 month long battle with fleas in my house. It wasn't just my house, it was all around my area. Stores were actually unable to keep up with the demand as people were buying all the flea powder and sprays, leaving shelves empty. And we would powder, spray, wash ... the fleas would appear to be gone. And next thing you know those ankle biters were back! Plus, I was worried about my kids and me being around those same deadly powders 24/7.

Every time I vacuumed I wished my vacuum would just suck up those eggs and let that be the end of it ... but that was impossible. Or was it ... The end of this problem and the solution actually coincides with my next story.


Pretty early on we realized that my youngest son had allergies. At first, we thought it was seasonal. Hey, he was under a year old - it was possible. But when they didn't abate even with medication, we started looking at alternatives.

One concern I had was the carpet. From my friend's experience (see ear infection story above) I knew there were dust mites, bacteria, viruses, molds, flea eggs, and other germs I couldn't see trapped in the carpet and my vacuum wasn't sucking them out.

So between the fleas and my son's allergies, I got fed up. I told my husband I was removing the carpet. It significantly reduced my son's stuffiness. And it was disgusting to see the dirt that was actually under the carpet, impossible to suck up. And I can only imagine what was breeding and multiplying on the carpet.

But, carpet or no carpet, there is often more germs on a household floor surface than the toilet seat, kitchen counters and bathroom tiles combined. Where do our little ones play - on those contaminated surfaces! And according to Dr. Charles P. Gerba (University of Arizona), children between the ages of 2 to 5 can put their fingers in their mouths 42 times per hour after touching household surfaces!

But by then I had started doing serious research and realized that removing a carpet was not the only solution. You don't need to remove the carpet to take care of dust mites, fleas, bacteria and viruses. Oreck came up with a BETTER solution, whether used by itself or along with carpet removal. Oreck developed the Halo Vacuum which uses their brilliant UV-C Technology to kills these critters and germs that live and breed on your carpets and hard floor surfaces. You know what that means? No chemicals are needed to rid your house of these nasties, since the Halo is proven to instantly kill more than 99 percent of germs on surfaces exposed to its UV-C light.

I am about to gush about my experience with the Halo. But I want you to see three real life experiences from homeowners, when their homes were tested for bacteria and viruses before and after using the Halo. The results are AMAZING.

Now, I was definitely in the market for a vacuum. My old Dirt Devil just wasn't up to the job, cleaning up after two boys. I bought a new vacuum - and it sucked even worse! So I returned it within a day. Then I bought another Dirt Devil and was still not satisfied. It just didn't get my area rug clean and whenever I cleaned out the bagless canister, dust would fly up into my face. Now that just doesn't seem sanitary!

Plus, I still wanted to ensure that the fleas remain where they belong - outside. And I wanted to clear up my son's allergies so he could breath comfortably ASAP.

When the Oreck Halo arrived, set-up was easy. You have to attach the handle to the vacuum and connect two electrical pieces. But I did that within a minute. Then I attached the accessories to the unit.

When I started vacuuming, I was amazed at how easy it rolled. It didn't require much effort to guide it in any direction. Plus, I loved the settings that allowed my to really clean my floor. For example, it has 5 height options, depending on whether you are vacuuming bare floor, a thin carpet, medium thickness carpet or very plush carpeting. Plus, I was able to turn the brush off when vacuuming my bare floor. But I turned it on when cleaning my area rug - and boy what a difference as the brush roller really helped move the dirt off my rug! I can thank the Halo's two high-powered motors. One motor drives the “brushroll” that fluffs up my carpet and the other delivers maximum suction and pickup.

What I really love was how easy the UV-C Light. After two weeks of use, my son no longer sniffles. And the fleas are really gone. I haven't seen them! And if they dare lay an egg, it would be zapped with the UV-C Light! Mwa-ha-ha!

But, a second big bonus is no more dirty dust floating in my face thanks to Oreck Halo’s HEPA 13 filter bag for safe removal. The filter bag uses a fiber that creates a nearly impenetrable wall. It’s so tightly woven that dead germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and mold stay inside while Oreck’s patented Sani-Seal tab prevents dust and filth from escaping.

Type: Upright Vacuum
Price: $599.95
Weight: 17 lbs.
Bag: HEPA 13 filter bag
UV-C germicidal light

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