Squeaky Shoes from One Stop Boy Shop - Review & Give-Away

A few months ago I won an awesome pair of camoflauge squeaky shoes from the One Stop Boy Shop. My kiddo wears them all the time and they are lasting perfectly. The shoe has an upper canvas in camouflage and velcro closure. But my favorite thing about the shoes, other than their ability to take some toddler abuse, is that they SQUEAK!

Everywhere he walks - squeak, squeak, squeak.

These shoes are just FUN. Plus, I swear it makes it easier to keep track of him when he is walking in crowded places, like theme parks, aquariums and the zoo. Moms, grandmas, Dads and grandpas all comment on it. The most common comment is, "It makes him easy to find!" You betcha!

He is squeaking here, but it's hard to hear over his stomping. :smile:

And you can find these shoes at the One Stop Boy Shop, where they have an awesome selection for BOYS! But they have more than shoes. You can also find onesies, raincoats, jackets, hoodies, shirts, pants, hats, winter wear, underwear ... you get the picture. If your boy needs it - One Stop Boy Shop has it!

Camoflauge Squeaky Shoes, like what I won, cost $14.95! A great deal for your new favorite pair of shoes!

One buzz reader can win a pair of shoes from One Stop Boy Shop - Squeaky or Soft Soles. To enter, visit One Stop Boy Shop and tell me what shoes you would want if you win.

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry. But for extra entries, you can:
Contest Ends July 14th. Please refer to complete contest rules.


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