New Britax Advocate Carseat with Side Impact Protection

I swear, with all the research you do before having a baby it is hard to separate the facts on products from the hype. Two questions that came to mind when I was pregnant back in 2005 and researching hundreds of products was:

  • What does my child really need?
  • Am I paying more for the name than the product?

It made my head swim, and I went the cost-conscience route. But the truth is, at times you should put more money down in the beginning because the product offers the newest technology, newest features and lasts longer - so you get more for your money in the end. Especially when you are talking about a product that can save your child's life!

The topic: Carseats.

The model: the Britax Advocate.

When you first bring home your child, they will probably ride in an infant seat. Most infant seats go up to 25 pounds and are always rear-facing. After that you will need a convertible seat. Convertible seats can be installed both rear and forward facing, but you want to keep your child rearfacing as long as possible, at least until they are one. Although, new research is promoting that they be kept rearfacing until children are 2 or meet the maximum restrictions for rearfacing.

When you are purchasing a carseat, you will see that they may have different height and weight requirements. My previous carseats had a maximum weight of 40 and 50 pounds. Now each boy has a new carseat and the weight requirements for forward facing are 70 pounds for K.'s seat and 65 pounds for L.'s new Britax Advocate. My pediatrician jokes that they will never be out of their carseats.

You also want to consider the protection the seat provides. One new term you want to look for is Side Impact Protection or Side Impact Cushion Technology. You see, the Britax Advocate CS has side impact cushions that offer advanced protection for restrained childres and adjacent passengers in the event of a side impact crash. This makes the Britax Advocate CS the safest car seat in the Britax product line.


Approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crashes that involve children occur from the side, which results in a significantly HIGHER injury rate than the front or rear crashes.

That 59% of harness straps are too loose on children when they sit in their car seats?

How does the Britax Advocate CS Protect?

During a side impact crash, the side impact cushions on the Advocate CS compress to absorb the incoming crash forces and safely expel the air through strategically placed vents. In doing so, Side Impact Cushion Technology reduces side impact crash energy by 50 percent by diverting crash forces away from the child.

These cushions also provide a soft protective child seat exterior, which help prevent injuries to those sitting next to the child(ren). Sometimes I sit in the backseat between my boys, and I always wondered how safe I was between hard plastic shells! Of course, their safety is top-of-mind. But I feel a little better knowing the side impact technology can help me as a passenger, too.

Britax also has True Side Impact Protection. This transfers energy away from the child during a side impact collision. An energy-managing foam liner over a stiff structure distributes crash forces, side walls shield the child from intruding objects, deep head wings and sides help contain the child's head and body containment, and the adjustable head restraint minimizes side-to-side head movement during a crash.

Finally, the Advocate CS features a Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator. The Click & Safe reassures parents that the harness is snug around the child by activating an audible affirmation when the harness straps are within the proper range of snugness.

Other Features:
  • Tangle-free, five-point harness
  • Quick-adjust knob adjusts the head restraint and harness height
  • Premium push-button LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) connectors that ensure fast, reliable installation
  • More features available at
Who can use this car seat?
The Britax Advocate CS accommodates children rear-facing from five to 35 pounds and forward-facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds up to 65 pounds.

My Experience:
I had the opportunity to seat my 18 month old into a Britax Advocate CS. I was relieved to have him out of his old carseat, since whenever he fell asleep his head slumped over - which looked uncomfortable and dangerous. In the Britax Advocate CS, those same pillows that offer Side Impact Protection also offer a more comfortable ride, helping him keep his head in a comfortable and safe position as he snoozes.

My husband installed the carseat after we thoroughly read the manual. The instructions for attaching the top tether seemed a little different than other car seats, but he got is securely latched. What was different? Well, the Britax features an energy absorbing Versa-Thether that has two attachment points on the upper back of the carseat, which you then anchor to the car. Most carseats have one attachment point on the carseat.

In the past few weeks that we have had L. cruising in the Britax - he's grown! The top of his shoulders were above the harness straps. I needed to raise them - thank goodness for the No-Rethread Head Restraint. I was able to customize the harness fit with the turn of a knob rather than rethreading the whole harness. That means my child is safer immediately, not when I get home, take out the carseat and fix the height during a time consuming process.

The Advocate CS we received was Opus Tan, but there are 4 other fabric options. The fabric is thick and soft. Plus, it's easy to clean. My little man spit his drink out on the fabric, but a cloth with warm, soapy water made it look like new again!

Honestly, the benefits and features of the Britax are amazing. If you are in the market for a carseat and are utterly confuddled by information overload, just visit the Fit My Child option at Britax and it will help you pick out the perfect seat.


The Advocate CS is be available in five fabric options and has a suggested retail price of $369.99.

About Britax Child Safety Inc.

Britax Child Safety Inc. is a leading child seat manufacturer. For more than three decades, it has been a pioneer in developing car seats that enhance safety. Britax’s full line of car seats offers side impact protection, and its True Side Impact Protection™ family of products features the highest level of side impact protection available on the market.


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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.The Mom Buzz was provided with a Britax Advocate CS for the purpose of this review.