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TakeLessons Inspires Music Lovers of All Ages

I was recently introduced to TakeLessons, a resource for booking private music and voice lessons. TakeLessons helps kids and adults fulfill their creative passions through programs specially designed for each individual. Students can choose from a wide variety of singing, and musical instrument courses that take place either in their own homes or at a nearby location. Some classes that I found by me included:
  • Dance
  • Singing, Voice
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Plus, there is a whole lot more!
Searching for an instructor is easy. Simply type in the lesson you want and your zipcode and the search engine will bring up an array of professional teachers in your area. All TakeLessons Certified Instructors have passed a rigorous certification process, which includes educational background, teaching experience, references, a criminal background check and more, to ensure a safe and rewarding learning experience.

Students can quickly register via or by phone for local, private lessons with a TakeLessons Certified™ Instructor. The company also created local Show What You Know ConcertsTM, rock concert-style events that enable students to showcase their talents. And aspiring musicians and vocalists of any age will benefit from the TakeLessons S.T.A.R. Program™, a fun and rewarding, customized lesson plan that helps students achieve their musical goals by tracking progress and rewarding accomplishments.

TakeLessons offers lessons in more than 2,800 cities nationwide.

History: Founded in 2004 by Steven Cox, TakeLessons was created to help people explore their musical creativity and pursue their passions. The company was developed by a team of music lovers who share the beliefs that music helps people develop skills needed in today's workforce, keeps kids in school and helps them to excel in coursework, and helps communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations.

Services: The TakeLessons Web site offers a wide array of online resources and tools allowing students to manage their lessons, expand their learning virtually and much more, including:
  • TakeLessons Certified Instructor Profiles
  • Student Feedback and Ratings
  • Music Community with Tutorial Videos
  • Online Booking and Lesson Payments
  • Instructor Search by Zip Code and Type of Lesson
BUZZWORTHY TIPS: How to Choose a Music Teacher

TakeLessons’ founder and CEO, Steven Cox has developed a short checklist to help people identify safe and trustworthy music and voice instructors. When looking for a teacher, the candidate should:

1. Have passed a criminal background check
2. Have positive feedback from other students
3. Have earned a degree in music, have several years of experience in music, or working on a degree
4. Be a good listener; I.e. be more focused on you, and less on themselves
5. Be clear on what is expected of you each week, hold you accountable for practicing and continued growth, and provide you with timely and specific feedback
6. Use technology to help keep track of lessons and monitor your growth
7. Offer the option for you to perform at a local concert or recital
8. Help you get excited about learning and staying involved with lessons

One Buzz Reader will win a free music lesson with any TakeLessons instructor of their choice. They offer music lessons in more than 2,800 locations nationwide! To enter, use the search engine at and tell me what lesson you would sign up for!

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