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Save the PDA Campaign

I am positive we all have horror stories of what happens when your toddler gets their hands on your PDA. But it's just too tempting for them, as they see mommy and daddy on it all the time. They grab it from you, you figure what's the harm with them pushing a few buttons. Next thing you know they have called China, somehow permanently locked you out of the PDA or flushed it down the toilet.

Did you know:
51% of parents surveyed have had their child make a phone call with their PDA
16% of parents surveyed have found their PDA in the toilet or trash

So, Leap Frog had an idea. What about making a child-friendly "PDA" that teaches your child important learning skills, such as:
  • QWERTY keyboarding
  • The alphabet
  • Shapes
  • Following directions
If you are familiar with Leap Frog products, you will recognize the star of the Text & Learn, Scout. With the Text and Learn you can help Scout check his planner, learn letters and sounds, listen to music (like salsa!) and dance, follow directions, and read & send text messages.

The Text & Learn is larger than a normal PDA, measuring 6 by 4 inches. It is also sturdier than a normal PDA. My boys have dropped it and dripped popsicle on it, yet it still plays perfectly. It has gotten slightly scratched, but it definitely takes a beating better than a real phone! It takes 3 AAA batteries to run. There is a low volume, a high volume and an off setting. But if your child leaves the Text & Learn running, it will turn off automatically after a minute or so.

Our favorite game is helping Scout find his dog house. You have to move Scout using the arrow buttons and make him touch certain shapes, like squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles and so on. Then his dog house appears and you lead him into it.

My son JUST TURNED three, so this is perfect for him. It is suggested for ages 3 - 6. And remember, this is a NEW ITEM from LeapFrog. It was just release May 10, 2009!

My husband commented that it is not backlit, so you have to let your children play in a well-lit area.

You can watch this short video to see a three year old in action with the Text & Learn. He is helping Scout find his way home.

You can learn more about the Text & Learn from LeapFrog.com. You can also purchase it for only $21.99!

LeapFrog is offering one Buzz Reader a chance to win the Text & Learn. To enter, tell me what's the worst thing your toddler (or a toddler you know) has done to your PDA.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you LeapFrog for providing a Text & Learn for review.