Friends of Socktopus

Traditional with a twist. That's how I would describe Socktopus and his friends. They bear a striking resemblance to a Sock Monkey, but here the Sock Octopus is the star of the show. Although, at his website you will also find sweater owls, punky monkeys, nuggets and sweater monkeys.

The bright colors of the Deluxe Socktopus are what really caught my eye at Friends of Socktopus. They are 15" tall and are made from recycled sweaters. That ensures each one will be unique and truly yours alone! When you place an order for a Deluxe Octopi, you get to choose a friend from the blue/green range or red/pink/orange range of colors. Without a doubt, this is my number one pick from their online store! I am positive my boys would love it.

And a Deluxe Socktopus would make such a great shower gift or first Christmas gift! Imagine those long legs peeking out of a stocking! Plus, I swear that my kids both latched onto a "stuffed toy lovey" at 1. This would be a great first birthday gift, that will be much more memorable than other made-by-the-trillions plush toys!

Even though Friends of Socktopus has imaginative friends to choose from, you can also order a kit from the site. These awesome kits offer all materials needed to make your very own Sock Dog, Sock Monkey, or Socktopus. Each kit contains one pair of socks, polyester fiberfill stuffing, button eyes, needle, thread, and easy to follow instructions. (Recommended for ages 8 and up.)

You can purchase Socktopus and his friends from All Socktopi and the owl cost $25. The Punky Monkey group costs $30. Nuggets and the Sweater Monkeys costs $22. And the kits cost $18!


The complete Friends of Socktopus line is made by hand in the USA! Their stuffing is new polyester fiberfill.


It's easy to take care of your Socktopus friends! Simply place inside a pillowcase, wash in the washing machine and dry on low heat.

One lucky buzz reader can win a Do-it-Yourself kit AND a Deluxe Socktopus. To enter, visit Friends of Socktopus and tell me your favorite friend!

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