WIN: Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon

I am often buying new bowls for my toddler, because he loves to toss his and the brittle, cheap plastic cracks. And spoons - well, I was definitely in the market for some new spoons since we still were using baby spoons from Gerber.

So, thankfully I was introduced to the Baby Dipper Bowl for infants and toddlers. The bowl is a gorgeous, thick blue bowl with a rubber bottom. The rubber bottom is a actually a non-slip base to help prevent sliding around a table.

Now, often I buy flavored Apple Sauce in the pre-sized containers and they slip and slide on the table as my 16 month old feeds himself. So a 1/2 full bowl of Strawberry Flavored Applesauce would often end up accidentally splattered on the floor as my kiddo eagerly spooned food into his mouth. But the no-slip bottom helps keep the bowl in place, so food no longer splattered on the floor! LOVE IT! It totally keeps snack time neater. And it is so cool that the inside of the bowl slopes to the front, making it easier for my self-feeding toddler to get all the goodies! Nothing is wasted when my little bugger is hungry.

Plus I really love the spoon! It's depth is perfect for holding liquidy foods, like our go-to snack Apple Sauce. And it is contoured to rest easily in the bowl when not in use.

Right now you can purchase the bowl from a few select stores, as well as Amazon for $9.99! It currently only comes in 4 ounce, blue bowl. I hope to see more colors and sizes available in the future!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to Baby Dipper for providing the product for review.