Want Tidy Kidz?

My boys are INSANELY MESSY. I swear, after I pick up after them - within minutes Twister Tales blows through and it is just AWFUL again. Often I feel like I should just give up. But I think things will change thanks to the subscription that Tidy Kidz gifted me.

What is Tidy Kidz? Its a funny, creative, unique site that features tutorials, charts, tips and downloads to help you and your children maintain a tidy home!

I love how the owner's daughter, Bella, is in on it. As her mom says, Bella has a passion and natural talent for being clean! And together, they have formed a mother/daughter team that educates kids (and parents) on the benefits of developing tidy habits. Their site's main focus is creative videos that are fun to watch and help teach our kiddos to pitch in around the house, recycle, have good hygiene, clean their rooms, etc, etc. Here is a great example, which I found on YouTube and is also featured on their site.

I had to laugh when reading the bios of Danielle and her husband, the owners. He said this about Bella, "I have told Danielle that when we get old, she is the one who will be in charge of dispensing our medications. The other two would probably kill us."

If you want to help your children become as organized as Bella, Tidy Kidz will help create confident, capable kids and promote harmony in your home! I love the videos, such as the 5-Minute Tidy Game. I need to implement that! And I also love the Success Charts I had access to. When you hover your mouse over one it tells you what the chart is, since some include caring for pets and different rewards. There are also awards that you can print out for positive reinforcement. I think my oldest will really get the hang of this "neater lifestyle" and the little one will definitely follow his lead.

Honestly, if feel like your kids and clutter have taken over - visit Tidy Kidz and see how it can make a difference. My only thought is that maybe they should offer a trial membership and if people like the site they can then just pay the remaining balance for the full year.

Win a free 1 yr. Tidy Kidz membership ($24.99 value).

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