Vincent Shoe Store: Stylish Shoes for Children

As usual, I am scouring the internet for the most awesome products for moms, children and families, when I spot a gorgeous pair of shoes. It is the Smith shoe from Vincent Shoestore. To me, they are sporty and remind me of soccer. Honestly, though, the shoes are named after the designers' favorite tennis player, Stan Smith. And they are the companion shoe to the Stan style.

What I love about the shoes are the bold stripes in navy and yellow. These same shoes are also available with white and orange stripes, but I felt that my son would be better off with darker colors considering he plays outside so much. What's neat about the stripes is that they camoflauge the Velcro closure on the shoes! You don't even notice it, making the shoe have a very streamlined appearance.

The shoe seems very comfortable for my son, thanks to the padding around the ankle and arch-supporting liner. It makes it a great play shoe and summer shoe!

Plus, it is so well-made, with an all-leather upper and inner!

But the selection is amazing, for boys and girls. There are clogs, boots, sandals, ballet flats and more. And you can read the designer notes for each pair, letting you know where the concept and inspiration came from. (I really love the Djur clogs!)

And just so you know, Vincent is a real boy and the inspiration behind the brand. He was born in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden. Vincent’s uncle Thomas and partner Patrick went to buy shoes for him, but found nothing they liked. Thomas (an international model) and Patrick (from H&M) were soon designing a collection of kids’ shoes!

I will definitely be back on Vincent ShoeStore to get another pair for my boys. The styles are just amazing! What's your favorite style?

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