Treasure Hunt: A Book of Clues for Parties

I feel like I am constantly planning parties and celebrations, so I was intrigued when I heard about a book called Treasure Hunt: A Book of Clues for Parties. The book promotes having scavenger hunts during parties - birthdays, baby showers, etc - to help liven things up, generate laughter and even include guest participation. The book has over 100 rhyming clues that fall into different categories, such as clues on how to begin, clues that involve an action to be done, clues for around the house (living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc), outside clues, Christmas clues and how to end the scavenger hunt.

Here is an example that the author wrote to show how the clues are formatted:

Some clues you only have to find

With some you have to do

Whatever task your host requests

Before you get your clue

You might be digging in your yard

Or checking your dog house

You might receive a clue e-mail

Or be crawling like a mouse

Your host might choose to make you wear

Things hidden with your clue

There is no end to all the things

Your host might make you do

The clues will definitely keep everyone entertained and the party moving. Plus, if you’ve ever been on a treasure hunt, you know how much fun and satisfaction you get when you find all the clues – and finally, the treasure. Treasure Hunt has all the information you’ll need to plan the perfect hunt, with gifts as the treasure.

The book is by Nancy Kruse, who enjoys reading, writing poetry and new creative projects. It is published by, Inc.

I thought the book had some cute ideas. I've done similar "guest participation" games at parties with huge success, although I've never tried a full blown scavenger hunt. I am a bit traditional and wouldn't want to hide the kids Christmas Gifts, but it might be fun for an office party to hide secret santa gifts. And you don't even have to use the clues verbatim, it is a great jumping off point to come up with your own short poems and funny actions to get the crowd buzzing! Actually, my husband TOOK my book to plan something for his office.

I would love for Nancy to come up with a second book that is more geared towards Bachelorette Parties, because I am positive it will be a big hit. She has wonderful ideas!

You can learn more about Treasure Hunt: A Book of Clues for Parties at Treasure Hunt Clues Book.
ISBN: 978-1601455659
Publication Date: July 2008
Pages: 116
Price: $12.95


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