Things Remembered for Father's Day - Review and Give-Away

Father's Day is approaching fast. Do you need more ideas of what to get your husband or dad? Well, I have more than one idea - I have THREE! And all are available from Things Remembered, which means you can customize it for that special man in your life! Let's countdown the three top gifts from Things Rembeered! (And best yet - they are all ONLY $25!)

3. Photo Mouse Pad: Dad or Grandpa can keep the family close at hand, even when he's hard at work. The mousepad is silver-plated and offers toom to display a 4x4" picture along with room to engrave a special message.

2. Photo Cuff Links:Whether he's working long hours at the office or away on business, it's important he still keeps his loved ones close. Each silver cuff opens to reveal a spot to store two pictures. Plus, you can engrave initials on the face to completely customize the gift!

And my top Father's Day Pick from Thing's Remembered...

1. Personalized USB Drive: A timeless, silver-plated flash drive that comes on a convenient key ring and holds up to one gig of information. You can personalize it with names, contact info so it never gets lost, initials - whatever you can fit on it's tiny silver body! Be creative! And don't forget to add lots of photos of the kids before giving it to Dad or Grandpa!

In fact, I had the opportunity to see the USB Drive up close and personal. It was amazing how many ways I could choose to personalize it! You can personalize the front of the USB Drive, the Front of the Cap, the back of the USB Drive and the Back of the Cap. I chose to put my husband's name on the front, his initials on the front of the cap and his e-mail on the back of the USB Drive, in case it gets lost.

The USB Drive is gorgeous and shiny and comes in a small box. It is compact, for easy storage and portability. The Key Ring ensures you always have it and makes it hard to lose. It's compatible with most computers and operating systems. It has a Hi-speed USB 2.0 Interface, created for High speed storage. Of course, did I mention it was shiny, thanks to the silver plated case? And it measures 3.45 x 1.10 x .55 inches.

I haven't shown my husband it yet - he has to wait for Father's Day! I tried taking a picture of it, but the shiny-ness just made it hard. So I have to say the professional photos from Thing's Remembered are far more accurate than my snap shot.

Overall - I just love it. And I know my husband will, too!

One buzz reader can win one of the Things Remembered items described above! The USB Drive, the silver-plated mouse pad or the photo cuff links. To enter, visit Things Remembered, check out the details of the products and tell me which you would choose!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you Things Remembered for providing the USB Drive for review.