Sweets ‘n’ Treats Children's Music CD Debuts July 7th!

San Diego-based singer-songwriter Tracey Singer’s will be debuting his children's CD , Sweets ‘n’ Treats on July 7th! The disc, produced by two-time GRAMMY® nominee, children’s musician Buck Howdy (also heard singing backup), features 13 Tracey Singer originals, largely inspired by grand family adventures as work-at-home dad to four children under age nine.

Introducing such memorable characters as Foxy Joe, Hard-Hearted Haley, and the remarkable Mall Mom, with song styles ranging from old time rock ‘n’ roll (featuring Marc Intravaia’s blazing electric lead guitar solo) to close harmony vocals reminiscent of late ‘40s Andrews Sisters (backed by the sweet and soulful sounds of the album’s resident soprano saxophonist, Tripp Sprague), Sweets ‘n’ Treats is much more than a simple, happy, pop music romp.

Singer's wit and style shine through this album filled with sophisticated harmonies and intelligently crafted compositions, all sung with such refreshingly clear diction that it’s easy for kids to completely grasp the lyrics. Tracey Singer calls Sweets ‘n’ Treats “a fun and funny musical adventure."

Singer says, "I get a kick out of two things: helping kids to see the humor and downright silliness in life at a tender age and, most of all, making them laugh. ‘Mall Mom’ is about a fictional mom who hangs out at the mall all the time with her daughter, trying to be just like her. In ‘Camping Trip,’ my wacky ode to Sing Along with Mitch, everything goes absolutely haywire. Kids are faced with a lot of weird situations in life, and they should know that some things ARE funny, and that's okay. With my own four kids (at least the three who are old enough to talk) my wife and I also try to teach an ‘oh well’ attitude about situations in life they just can't control. ‘Nana Nana Boo Boo’ is about a little girl who takes pleasure when other kids fall down, for example. But there are many aspects of life that we can control, and that’s the reason for the only ‘message’ song on Sweets ‘n’ Treats. ‘Stinky Smoke’ is clearly aimed at telling kids that smoking is an unhealthy, unwise, unsanitary affliction.”

Sweets ‘n’ Treats will be available online at www.traceysinger.com, cdbaby.com, amazon.com, and iTunes.

CD Details: Sweets ‘n’ Treats. For ages 5 - 12. Release date: July 7, 2009. SRP: $15.00 Run time: 40 minutes.
  1. Sweets 'n' Treats
  2. Camping Trip
  3. Christmas in July
  4. Mall Mom
  5. The Moon is Here
  6. Swimming
  7. Nana Nana Boo Boo
  8. Where Did Summer Go?
  9. Best Friend For Life
  10. Baggy Pants
  11. Foxy Joe
  12. Stinky Smoke
  13. A Toddler's Lullaby (Sweetest Dreams)