Soothing Babies to Sleep with Cloud B
Review & Give-Away

When I was pregnant with my second child a friend gave to me a Twilight Turtle from Cloud B. I loved it. She said HER friend swore by it, so she bought her own daughter the Twilight Ladybug and gifted me the Turtle. It was wonderful, as the soft plush turtle with a harder, plastic shell lit up my son's room after he was born with colorful constellations. The stars are static - no movement, but I could choose from three colors; green, blue and amber. It stays on for approximately 45 minutes, and by then my son was asleep.

Why I love Twilight Turtle:
It acts like a gentle nightlight. When I needed to go in and check on my son when he was teeny, the soft glow of Twilight Turtle let me change diapers, find pacifiers and give a bottle. It was not so harsh that it awakened him more than needed. Plus, m
y son seemed to prefer falling asleep with the soft glow, rather than in the dark.

My older son loved it too. He would take it into the closet with my husband and push the different buttons to make the different colors appear. I highly considered purchasing him one for Christmas at the time.

So after my introduction to Twilight Turtle, I tried to keep up-to-speed with what Cloud B was designing. The popular Sleep Sheep, Lavendar Lab and Twilight Ladybug were the buzz at the time. But then I saw new products coming in, like the Twilight Sea Turtle, a Shivery Polar Bear Cub and Dozy Dolphin. But I fell in love when I saw the NEWEST member of the Cloud B family, Gentle Giraffe.

Gentle Giraffe:
Gentle Giraffe is a long, plush giraffe with a Velcro Strap. She offers a gentle heartbeat sound, which I highly suggest that everyone have when their babies come home from the hospital. That's because it will help your child associate that noise with sleep when used consistently. But, along with that soothing noise, Gentle Giraffe also plays noises that you would hear at night in the Safari, complete with little wild animal mews! There are also drum beats and a waterfall. My sons LOVE Gentle Giraffe. I brought her along on a family trip and the kids grooved to the drumbeat and fell asleep to the womb sounds. This is what Cloud B says:

Gentle Giraffe helps create an ideal sleep environment by peacefully changing the sounds in your room. Our unique Serenget sounds will take your child on a magical journey while effortlessly transforming playtime to sleeptime.
Gentle Giraffe has a volume control, push button sound selection and two sleep-timer options. I solely use the 45 minute option. It used 2 AA batteries and is a wonderful sleep companion for both my boys - ages 18 months and 3 years. I only wish they could have had her from day 1!

I have to say, the website says she has four sounds - Safari Groove, Gentle Stream, Safari Trail and Victoria Falls. But unless I am mistaking Gentle Stream for Heartbeat, I am definitely hearing a heartbeat. That's because the Victoria Falls is the water sound I hear, the Safari Groove is the drum beats and without a doubt the Safari Trail is the one where I hear all sorts of animals chirping and mewing.

Here is a video to show the different sounds I hear and the volume control.

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BUZZWORTHY: Gentle Giraffe is part of the Cloub B Endangered Species Collection, which helps bring awareness to animal friends who need help. A portion of every purchase goes to Conservation International.

Cloud B is giving one Buzz reader a chance to win a travel size Gentle Giraffe! That way it's easy to bring gentle, soothing sounds to when on the go.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you Cloud B for providing Gentle Giraffe for the Mom Buzz boys.