SeaWorld's Manta - Dive Deep, Fly High.

This past weekend my husband, the kids and I went to SeaWorld. We go often, thanks to Santa bringing Annual Passes last year! It's a great experience for the kids with the animals, shows and kid-friendly attractions.

But, my husband misses riding roller coasters. I mean, I encourage him to go on now and then, but he doesn't like leaving me and the kids behind while he goes by himself. But with the new Manta rollercoaster open, I think that will be a thing of the past!

We were walking by it and the line was 40 minutes long. He suggested I go into the Manta Aquarium while he is on the ride. Unfortunately you can't take a stroller in there! With two kids, 3 and 1, I NEED my stroller in that crowd! So I opted to walk around Turtle Point instead.

Meanwhile, my husband was inching closer and closer to his new favorite coaster which he said was unbelievable and undescribable. Not too helpful for a mom who loves to write about new experiences! But he said the G-Force was amazing and that facing down made the experience completely unique.

You see, the idea behind the coaster is to feel the exhileration a ray must feel as they spin, glide, skim and fly underwater. This one-of-a-kind coaster has people riding head-first and face-down, similar to how a Manta glides under water!

There were a few people like me, waiting for spouses and/or children to get off. And I remember one woman telling her husband, "Oh honey - too bad you can't ride it! It is the most amazing coaster EVER!"

Ha ha! Made him feel better, I am sure?

Anyways, my husband told me the 40 minute line wasn't bad from his end, as he got to see an Aquarium as he walked and waited. So he could see Manta's swimming and get geared up to experience flying on the coaster!

Also as they wait, guests can watch the steel, giant Manta Ray fly by at highway speeds (56 mph). It holds 32 riders, each one lying prone.

Once you are on, you will experience a track-twisiting pretzel loop, in-line spins, a waterfall close-call and a wing dip just inches from the water. My husband was AMAZED and THRILLED!

I learned that there are only handfull of "flying coasters" in the world. What makes this coaster special is the entire seating assembly rotated forward, positioning riders horizontally, or face down. It make the rider feel as if they are flying. In this instance, the desire it to feel like you are riding a massive 12-foot-wide manta ray as it glides, twists and soars in the ocean.

For all thrill lovers, my husband is sure that Manta will become your new favorite coaster.

And after my husband was done, we did go into the Aquarium where we saw leafy dragons, an octopus, fevers of rays and more than 2,500 exotic fish. It was amazing to gaze up and see the rays above you! There was even a poop-up aquarium where children can peep their head into a fish tank. Unfortunately, it was just a little too crazy to let our boys get a peek. But honestly, the rays were the star of that aquarium. There are 300 hundred of them in the aquarium, which were cownose, spotted eagle, roughtail, southern, shark ray, giant guitarfish, white blothced river ray and ocellate river rays.

All-in-all it was a great experience that will make our year at SeaWorld just a little more memorable.

And remember, if you are close enough to take advantage of it, get the Annual Pass. It makes the trip that much more enjoyable with little ones, since you have no pressure to do EVERYTHING in one day. Just go back when you can and do a little here and there. And say hi to Shamu for me when you go!

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