Save Money with Coupon Trunk

No question about it - money is tight. Gas is going up, groceries to be bought, staycations (if anything) rather than real vacations. So ... what can we do? We need to save a little bit here and save a little bit there... and places like can really make a difference. provides you with awesome coupon codes and discount offers available from stores and online merchants you already shop at. Best yet, the site is updated daily so you don't have to worry about loads of expired codes you can't use. Those are always a bummer!

First off, they have a blog that is updated often with informative articles and ways to save. One article that everyone might be interested in reading is Baby Shopping Doesn't Have to Break the Bank. But let's get to the fun stuff - saving money.

Now, you can look for codes by category or alphabetically. I tried to think of a code I would want - Teavana came to mine. I love their Mate Vana Tea! So I hit "T" - and there it was! They were in good company, with TiVo and Travelocity also in that list. You can also hit up the "C" section and check out deals for Crayola!

Although I prefer looking for codes alphabetically, you can also look through different categories. My favorite categories are Babies & Children and Toys and Games. But there are also 18 other categories to peek through!

All-in-all, I think during a recession we have to do what we can to scrimp and save so we can put some extra mac and cheese on the table! So from Best Buy to Amazon and Apple to Carnival, the savings Coupon Trunk can provide are amazing! Be sure to check them out!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.