Review & Give-Away: Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

I am a big fan of Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers. They were the first cloth diaper brand to touch my son's tush - and I am still happy about that decision. I've never had an issue with them, they've always fit well, they wash easily and they come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors.

Fuzzibunz has perfect fit diapers - where you choose between Small, Medium or Large. And more recently they have started designing the One-Size diapers - where one size will fit your child from 7 - 35 pounds. I've mentioned before that I've had trouble getting a good fit from some One-Size diapers as my son grows. They claim to go to 35 pounds, but at 25 pounds they don't fit around his waist anymore. But that is not true with Fuzzibunz. There is truly room to grow still.

Perfect Size: My son is 25 pounds and 33" tall and he wears a Large Fuzzibunz. Large fits 25 - 45 pounds. He is over the 90th percentile for height, so when looking at the sizing chart, I use Larger Build. I love the awesome fit that I can achieve. And it is so easy to use, as a pocket diaper. You just "stuff and go", with the provided insert. It has snaps to close. When the diaper is soiled, you remove the complete diaper and unstuff for washing. I've been using this brand for months and it is wearing well after the repeated washings, unlike other brands which have holes at the seams. So overall, Fuzzibunz Perfect Size has been tried, tested and loved! I own sage, red, blue and orange Fuzzibunz for my little boys. My only disappointment is I can't find an Apple Green Perfect Size! They only seem to be available in One-Size!

One-Size: Speaking of One-Size, I recently had the opportunity to try it out. I was really looking forward to this test, since I am hesitant of diapers that claim to be one-size, and then they can't be worn by my kiddo. Now, one thing that is unique is how the one-size mechanism works. Most One-Size diapers use snaps. There was one brand that I tried that used elastic inside along with a tab. Fuzzibunz also uses elastic along with buttons. You can tighten the elastic and buttons on either side and there are numbers on the elastic so there is no guessing what the right size is for each One-Size diaper. When you have a good fit with one, you can change all the diapers to the same number.

With this diaper, you can truly get a customized fit with 4 size settings on the waist and 8 for the legs. It has snap closures on the front, which I love! No fraying or snagging on clothes! And I am able to get an awesome fit each time with these snaps. The elastic legs are comfortable on my boy and so is the soft fleece inner layer!

Both Fuzzibunz styles feature:
  • Super Absorbent Inserts
  • Fleece Layer
  • Adjustable and Durable Snap Closures
  • Stretchy Leg Elastic
  • Soft Waterproof Outer Layer

OVERALL: I really love the fit of the Perfect-Size diaper, but I also started using cloth once my son was "Large". If I started sooner, like my Sister-In-Law, the One Size diaper would save me money as my son grew from small, medium to large. So it depends on how much you want to spend - and no matter what cloth diapers will always be the economical choice. But if you want the convenience of a diaper fitting from 7 pounds +, go with the one-size. If you want a trim fit, try the Perfect-Size.

COST: Perfect-Size Diapers Cost $17.95 and include 1 insert. One-Size Diapers cost around $18.95 and include an insert.

One buzz reader will have an opportunity to win a New, Red, Medium Fuzzibunz. This is a gorgeous color for boys and girls and will fit a child from 15 - 30 pounds. To enter, visit Fuzzibunz and tell me what style you favor - One-Size or Perfect Size.

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