Play & Learn Spoon from Baby Human

Recently my boys had the opportunity to check out the Play and Learn Spoons from Baby Human, inc. They came 2 to a pack, one green and one orange.

The spoons are meant to assist children in self feeding, and transitions them to a real spoon.

The spoons are double-sided. The company says they can be used by left or right handed children. For most little ones hand preference doesn't really occur until the age of 3, until then children are pretty much ambidextrous - so this spoon is perfect for them! The children can just use either end as a spoon to shovel food into their mouths!

I think my favorite feature is the mouth guard which prevents them from putting the spoon too far down their mouths and gagging!

The "bowl" on either side is just slightly indented. So, it doesn't hold too much. But it does promote self-feeding through play. They are bright and made of a durable rubber.

And most importantly, the spoons are BPA, phthalate & lead-free.

I wanted to try these with my son when he was first learning to self-feed. But by the time I finally got my hands on the Play and Learn Spoons, he was already an adept eater with a real spoon. When I gave him the Play & Learns, he looked at me like the spoon wasn't the only thing around with two heads.

I do think this would make a good baby shower gift and a good purchase when you are first contemplating introducing solids.

You can purchase the Play & Learn Baby Spoon on Amazon and from Baby Human for $8.99 for a pack of two.


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you Family Review Network and Baby Human for making this review possible.