Phartephant - Farting Elephant - WIN!

So, the other day I received an e-mail about a Plush Elephant that farts. Hmmm...what is the appeal, you may wonder. At least I did... until my three year old popped up next to me, looked at the elephant on the computer and said, "Mommy! Elephant!" Ahhh... well, I must obviously get a closer look at this farting elephant for my son!

So Norman the PhartEphant came over to play. I hid him at first, lest my children misplace him and I am unable to fully appreciate all Norman has to offer. What I didn't foresee was the appeal to a "man child" who can reach things off shelves. In comes the husband. A farting elephant was JUST WHAT HE WANTED! And here I thought he wanted video games, work-out apparel and DVDs. Nope - a farting elephant brought out the inner child in my 30 year old hubby. He HAD to have it. He HAD to bring it to work.

Here is the shocker. My husband is an insane neat freak at work. Clutter-free on his desk. Yet, he wanted to bring a farting elephant? And in an office with all women - they all thought it was equally hilarious. I mean, it TOOTS so many different ways. Long, short, wet, dry. And yet he never blushes!

I had to get proof that Norman was loved by children, though, before he became my husband's coworker. So here is my son playing with Norman. Make sure you have your volume up so you can hear this!

Norman PhartEphant is geared for the 3-10 year old crowd, but obviously appeals to adults. The purpose behind Norman PhatEphant was to give an education to the owner's son, as well as give to charities. You can see who benefits from a Norman PhartEphant purchase by visiting Norman's Friends. I believe soon we will learn more about Norman's past and his future adventures, but you have to stay tuned to the Phartephant Site to remain up-to-date!

Now, you know what Norman sounds like. You can see the pictures to know what he looks like. But you have no clue how truly appealing he is, farts and all, until he pays you a visit. He is soft, cuddly, 10 inches long and quite plump. He has 8 different fart sounds that can be heard with a squeeze of a tail. He would make a great gift for the office, Father's Day or the holidays!


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