Mommy Couture Designs: BIRTHDAY TUTUS

It's that time again. You know, that time when the Mom Buzz finds an absolutely perfect item... for a girl. :sniffle: :sniffle: Don't get me wrong - I love my boys with my complete heart and would have it NO OTHER WAY. But dang, there is come CUTE girl and mom/daughter options out there.

By the way - all you boutique owners - there is an untapped market for mom/son matching items.

Anyways, I was recently visiting some boutiques I found on Twitter and discovered Mommy Couture Designs. I started browsing through the selection and FELL IN LOVE with the Jingle Bells Mommy & Me set. These are Cambodian-inspired anklets for you and your daughter that have bells on them. So you chime as you walk. Too-too cute!

Speaking of Tu-tu Cute, you have to check out the tutu selection at Mommy Couture Designs, as well. There are so many categories and catalog items to go through, as you admire traditional tutus, satin tutus, pettiskirts and dresses. One item that really caught my eye was the Whimsy Ranch Bird of Paradise tutu. It totally stands out, with the turquoise leotard perfectly complementing the orange tutu. Plus there are little pom pom balls trimmed around the tutu - a perfect accent!

But you really need to check out the new birthday tutus. (Search BIRTHDAY for category if you are having trouble going through the immense selection). There is one for every month. I had an opportunity to see the November Precious Gem tutu up close and fell in love with its features. For one, the tutu and onesie are not attached. They come as separates, so you can wear them together, as intended, or separately. The writing on the onesie, where it says Precious Gems, is perfectly embroidered on for lasting quality. And it comes with two bows, the icing on the cake! So you can really dress your child, practically from head to toes if you buy those Jingle Bell anklets I have my eye on!

Like I said, there is a different tutu to represent the gems from the different birthday months. November is orange, for citrine. That's actually my birthday month! But as I look through the months, I think I favor the pink October, which is for Tourmaline. I think you can definitely choose a tutu that matches your daughter's birth month, or simply choose a favorite color.

The Birthday Tutus are for sizes 12 months (long or short sleeve) and 24 months (long or short sleeve).

Looking for something unique and special for a little one? Maybe a Birthday Tutu? Well, be sure to check out the selection at Mommy Couture Designs. And when you are ready to place that order, use this discount code to get 15 Percent Off.



This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.