Health Buzz: Graduated Compression Hosiery

There is a simple and inexpensive way to make legs look great and feel great – wear compression hosiery. Graduated compression hosiery works by applying pressure at the ankle that systematically decreases up the hosiery length, and keeps proper venous blood flow in the legs. This prevents back-flow and stagnation of blood in the lower legs that can cause clotting and swelling. The support they supply can also help prevent unsightly spider and varicose veins.

One place to purchase Compression Hosiery is Here are few products that may interest you:

Ames Walker Sheer Pantyhose - graduated, mild support hosiery never felt or looked so good, so sheer it's hard to believe they're support pantyhose. Lightweight yet supporting, they use a totally new construction technique that FINALLY gives you graduated support that looks and feels like regular fashion hosiery. This item is great for light to moderate support and for everyday business wear, to make legs feel great and relieve aching legs or mild leg or ankle swelling. $16.99. (on sale now)

Petite Full Figure Pantyhose – For the special needs of women under 5’5” and weighing over 150 pounds. It has just the right combination of attractiveness and effective therapeutic compression. $27.95

Opaque Microfiber Compression Pantyhose - Designed to mask varicose veins and skin blemishes while providing great comfort. Made with the finest in Microfiber Nylon technology, feels smooth and comfortable. $27.95

Any questions about the benefits - let me know! We can get a physician to answer them.


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