Growing Socks from Richelieu

I admit, my oldest is not a fast grower so I have not had to do a lot of shoe and sock shopping in the past. But my little one is a different story - his feet grow so fast. So it totally makes sense that Richelieu Legwear recently launched breakthrough sock technology in the USA called Growing Socks.!

I received some Small/Medium socks to try. They will fit your child from shoe size 4 to shoe size 13! Unbelievable! And then for the next size up you can buy the Medium/Large socks which fit shoe size 13.5 +. Amazing!

Now, my boys are not that different in shoe size, one being a 7 and the other being an 8. But here you can see a pictures of my oldest wearing Growing Socks - Small/Medium. It works super for us and will be wonderful with my little one's amazing foot growth.

How do these socks "grow"? Well, they have a "grow panel" around the circumference of the arch of the foot resulting in increased stretch. So it's not as if the heel is at an uncomfortable position on their calf. It is truly a perfect fit.

They are cotton, machine washable and you can tumble dry them with the rest of your clothes. They are durable, thick and wear well after 1 month of use on two CRAZY boys. There are 4 pairs in a pack and cost $5.99. They come in a range of colors and styles.

The price is AWESOME for a pack of socks that your child can wear for this long! Heck, it's a great price for a one-size sock. What a deal! And guess what - you can buy them from TARGET!

So next time you are at Target - look for them and start saving! I know I will!


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