Friday Find: Pocket Dots Grip so Pregnancy Pants Don't Slip

It's been a good 18 months since I was last pregnant. And although I look back at some memories fondly - gentle nudges while my lil' monster was in my belly and seeing him move and groove on ultrasounds - there were plenty of times where I just thought, "Oh My Goodness - I will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!"

Why? Well - the stress. I am a basketcase when pregnant. Worrying every second about the little dude that I know is there - but can't see. Then there are the growing pains as ligaments stretch and muscles separate. Charlie Horses keep me up at night as does heartburn. And there are the little things, like not seeing my toes so I was constantly shutting doors on them. I even fractured a toe I did it so often! Also, I would bump my belly into everything, forgetting it was there. My spatial sense was gone, as was my memory - so driving anywhere was a miracle. And then the clothes. One day a shirt fits, then it doesn't. One day your pants fit, then they don't.

That's about when the Belly Bands become a miraculous invention, helping you keep your modesty, letting you wear your pre-pregnancy pants a little longer and giving you the look of a layered shirt, as even maternity blouses creep further and further north. But what do you do when your pants slip south and your Belly Bands move north, like continents separating. Well, that's where Pocket Dots come in.

Pocket Dots are these little clips that attach to your back pockets and then to your band. Your back stays covered and you still get to wear your cute pre-pregnancy pants! These clips are available in black and nude right now, but I hope as more people find out about them you will get even snazzier options, like hot pink and maybe jeweled.

This is how the owner, Annie, became the mother of this invention:

I came up with the idea of Pocket Dots when I was pregnant with my son Elliott. When my bump started to show, I knew it was time to do some shopping... but the stylish maternity jeans were way too expensive and the others were just plain unattractive!

One of my friends told me about the maternity bands that allow you to wear your normal pants. I bought one and loved the freedom of wearing all of my pants, but there was one big problem… my pants didn’t stay up!

I was always struggling to keep the band around the back of my pants, especially when I sat down and stood up again. I thought I was alone in my struggle until I mentioned it to some other moms; they all said the same thing—the band never stayed in place in the back. So I created Pocket Dots and wanted to share them with everyone!

So, if your pants are dropping as your belly grows, definitely check out Pocket Dots! You can purchase them from the Pocket Dots website.


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