Fliggity - For Your Little Super Heroes

My son is a super hero fiend. He can name over 40 of them - and he JUST TURNED THREE. He's amazing. I give into his obsession, making him a Super Cape and buying him super hero shirts, DVDs and toys. But if your kids are like mine, there is one more thing you need. Fabulous Super Hero Attire from Fliggity!

There are four categories of clothes available at Fliggity:
Shirts that Fliggity Fly
Tiggity Tie Dye
Stylish Superheroes
How Old Am I

But, of course the Stylish Superheroes would be my FIRST stop. These cute tees have detachable, reversible capes! That would make it super easy to have your super hero turn into his or her mild mannered alter ego, when the time calls. And when you need to call that super hero into action - just snap on that reversible cape! My favorite is Storm Chaser, which is available in short and long sleeves.

Another hot category is the shirts that Fliggity Fly! K. had the opportunity to try out the Biggity Bat shirt in 3T and he loved it! What makes these shirts special is that they have the "wings/cape" built in, so they can be super all day long! The Biggitty Bat emblem is embroidered on with grey thread. It's only available in Long Sleeve. Shirts run a size small, so it is suggested you choose the next size up. K. is a teeny dude, weighing 27 pounds and is 33 inches tall and the shirt is perfect for him.

The Tie Dye section is hot with a variety of colors and patterns! And with names like Funky Firecracker and My Dad Rocks, you know you have to check out the complete selection!

Finally, the How Old Am I category offers long and short sleeve tees with gorgeous embroidered numbers on the front. My son received a shirt that has the number 3 on it prior to his 3rd birthday and we love it. So I know that this would make a great shirt to wear on the special day and throughout the year!

BUZZWORTHY: Fliggity always has a flat $5 shipping rate!
COUPON CODE: fliggity30
(30% off through June 30)


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you Fliggity for supplying the Biggity Bat shirt.