Cystex Know Your Bladder Better

Pre-Baby I used to get UTI's ALL THE TIME. I even has to go to the ER due to the pain and infection. I've taken so many antibiotics and pills prior to having kids, that I can barely remember the names of the products. For some reason my UTI's stopped after having my first son. Go figure! But not everyone is that lucky.

That's why Cystex is doing their part to connect women with a board-certified urologist to learn more about UTIs and to do this they just launched a new educational video series and an interactive “Ask the Urologist” feature to help clear up myths about Urinary Tract Infection causes, symptoms and treatment.

Cystex is working with Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D., one of 500 female urologists in the United States specializing in female urinary tract issues and author of “A Seat on the Aisle, Please! The Essential Guide to Urinary Tract Problems in Women,” (Copernicus Books, 2006).

Dr. Kavaler help produce the series of videos discussing various topics about urinary tract health. What amazed me was when she said that UTI's do not come from your sexual partner and that they don't damage your kidneys or bladder! I always thought they did!

Also, she suggests NOT SQUATTING/HOVERING over a toilet seat in a public restroom. It doesn't allow all the urine out, so what's left can actually breed bacteria. Just cover the toilet seat with a supplied cover or toilet paper.

You can watch the same two videos I did at Know Your Bladder Better. They include UTI Facts and Take a Seat. And more informative videos are coming!

More videos from Dr. Kavaler will be available, talking about cranberry juice myths, UTI treatment, honeymoon cystitis and menopause/UTIs.


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