CoverBee Review and Give-Away
A Buzzworthy Way to Protect your Laptop

I am now the owner of a laptop. Okay, I had one for work before - but honestly I did not like it. But my new laptop (bought after my desktop died) is awesome. And mine. And I want to take care of it when I am on the go. So I was super excited when I learned about CoverBee Laptop Sleeves.

First of all, how can I not love the name! CoverBee - totally buzzworthy. It has an adorable logo too - a bee, of course. But better than the name or logo are the laptop covers they design. If you don't have one yet, you NEED one of these. Whether they are sleek like faux snake skin or plush like leopard, they are all FABULOUS. There are even pink and red polkadot covers if you want more color. You can see the complete collection at CoverBee, of course.

My personal favorite was the Plush Leopard. When it arrived, it came protected in its own cover! So you can keep it nice and clean when not in use.

It has a quilted, gold inner lining to keep your laptop completely protected. And the outside is a soft, sleek, shiny faux leopard print. It's completely wild! I know so many women would just love it, as well as the other animal prints that are available.

The craftmanship was incredible. No loose threads, perfect material. My laptop and I love it very much.

To use the CoverBee is simple. Just slide your laptop through the side opening. Tada! You don't need to be a techie person to own one, simply have a love for all things beautiful and stylish! And all of the styles are available for either laptops or netbooks.

Cleaning my cover may be a necessity when I have two boys around. CoverBee suggests washing inside out, by hand, air dry and do not iron!

Now, CoverBees are made in Holland. So the pricing on the website is in pounds. If you want to convert it to dollars, it would be $33.97. And shipping is free!

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. And don't forget to enter my other hot contests so you can win and try buzzworthy products!