Cirque Du Soleil: Saltimbanco

I had so much fun last night! My husband, mother-in-law, my oldest son (3 years old) and I saw Cirque Du Soleil: Saltimbanco. I have been so psyched to see it, since I am a Cirque Du Soleil addict. I've seen quite a few of the shows, and regret the times I've missed opportunities. Each show is so unique and completely envelops you into a fantasy world where a story is told by clowns, acrobats and amazing performers. It actually has its roots in street performing, so the acts you see are quite unique and leave an impression.

The show is supposed to embrace and portray the urban lifestyle. Although it had similarities to other Cirque shows, I've seen - with one-of-a-kind acts, acrobatics and feats - it was different in that the "clowns" really had more to do then just entertain people in the beginning and/or intermission. And normally when there are two clowns to watch, this time there were so many.

I loved how they tricked audience members into doing funny things. For example, they would have audience members mimic them. Then they got this one "hot" guy to stand on a chair, lift his arms ... and then they stole his shirt! Hilarious! The poor guy looked a little bashful - but the clowns and female audience members were enjoying the show.

Another hilarious part was when a mime chose someone from the audience and had him onstage in a dual, running through a ""forest" and more. The dude did wonderfully!

For the acrobatic feats, I loved when they brought this huge swing/seesaw and using their momentum would fling the different acrobats higher and further. They really push the limits of their people's capabilities. It is just amazing.

And it was wonderful to see the show through my 3 year old's eyes as he perched on the edge of his seat, laughing and screeching. And it was my Mother-in-Laws first time watching them too. I think it surpassed her expectations.

If interested in seeing it for yourself, check to see if you can still get the special Family Four Pack which makes it easy and affordable for you and your hubby to bring two children to the show! You can purchase two adult tickets and two children tickets for one great price. Premium level seating at $325, Level 1 seating at $190, Level 2 seating at $170 and Level 3 seating at $100. Normally tickets range from $110 - $40 for an adult and $88 to $32 for children. There is also special pricing for students and seniors.

If you've never seen Cirque Du Soleil before, but are interested in seeing a show, you might want to check out a clip from their site. And you can also listen to music from Saltimbanco, which is just as powerful as the amazing acrobatic feats that you see them perform.

Other shows I've seen include O, La Nouba, Mystere, Quidam, and Alegria.

Picture credit: Olivier Samson Arcand
Costume credit: Dominique Lemieux © 2007 Cirque du Soleil Inc.